My Kind of Valentine

I can think of a million reasons why I love my Hubby.

He's kind.

He's smart.

He makes me laugh.

He still opens the door for me even after 16 years of marriage.

He's easy on the eyes.

He's not only a wonderful husband, he's also an amazing father, son and brother.

He can fix things.  (Very sexy!)

He sings to me.

And he never forgets a holiday or special occasion. 

But what I love most about Hubby is that he knows me so well.

While he knows that I will always love chocolates and beautiful lily bouquets, like this one that he gave me for Valentine's Day.  Muy romantico!

He also knows it's the little things in life that truly make me happy.  Like this very thoughtful gift he saved for the day after Valentine's Day...

Forks and spoons!

Sigh.  Be still my heart.

To fully understand why this gift melted my heart, go read Motherhood in Bermuda.


  1. beautiful flowers! i got a beautiful bouquet as well, but no silverware ;-) just read motherhood in bermuda and remembered having read it the first time around. i think we all have the silverware and disappearing socks problem, but i don't recall ever losing a chorizo or chick. actually the only time i had a chick disappear was in cuba. i thought that cute little chick was my pet but one day it was gone and then i realized we'd eaten it for dinner the previous night-boo hoo! there was very little to eat in cuba, some things haven't changed, so of course i couldn't hold it against my parents although of course i was very upset at the time.

    did you have your root canal done? if so, were you smiling afterward? i have to go in for a deep cleaning tomorrow. not looking forward to it at all.

    got a little over an inch of snow after a month of springlike weather. schools are starting an hour late because our area is very hilly so it's difficult for the school busses to get around safely.

    have a great weekend and hold on to that silverware ;-)

    teresa in lake stevens

  2. Love the bouquet! I got a bouquet of chocolate roses... pretty excited about it :) Jorge still opens doors for me, too.

    Congrats on your new flatware!

  3. love the forks and spoons! practicality is such a sexy trait.

  4. The flowers are beautiful, but the flatware show he really does listen to you. He's a keeper, for sure.

  5. How I wish my husband could fix things! Love your flowers!

  6. I love the flowers - I bet your house still smells amazing :)

    I think the holding the door is a very Mxn thing - hubby does it all the time, and for everyone! Back home? None of my boyfriends would have done that! Hahaha - I mean none!

  7. Love the flowers, but like the silverwear better! I hint gift ideas to my hubby, but never get the toaster or blender I need! Uhhh! Going to have to get them myself!

  8. Oh my gosh, those flowers are gorgeous!!

    I'm all too familiar with un-traditional great gifts - my hubby renews my car plates every year for Valentine's Day. That silly little bill with a heart drawn on it is my idea of a great Valentine LOL

    Here from Cocktail Hour. Have a great rest of the week!

  9. Sweet! Love it. You married a good man!

    Visiting from the SITS Cocktail Hour. Noticed you have a cooking blog, too! Talented blogger you are! I saw the pictures of your most popular posts and would love for you to link your most popular one in our Star Recipes Collection ... just started it this week but it is growing daily.

    Would also love for you to link up any recipe you'd like at future weekly
    Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday parties when you can.

    Enjoyed visiting your blog! :)