Why I love my Kindle: Reason #4

I have loved to read from the moment I learned to put two syllables together.  I wanted to read everything I could get my hands on.  Library books.  Sunday comics.  The Highlights magazines at the doctor's office.

Getting through the required reading list at school was never a problem for me.  I knew my public library like the back of my hand. 

As I got older, my love for reading continued to grow.  Whenever my grandparents would drive to Mexico, I would visit the library the day before and stock up on books: romance, humor, suspense, history and memoirs.  As soon as I shut the truck door, I'd have my nose in a book.  On those long road trips, I easily read a book a day.  Sometimes two.

Getting married did nothing to hamper my love for reading.  I couldn't wait to have children to pass down my love of books.

I bought a ton of books and kept buying whenever I could.  Of course, this was way before we even thought about moving to Mexico.

When we made the BIG decision and had to pack up our belongings, I cried when I realized that I'd have to leave my books behind.  I gave my cookbooks and children's books to one of my dearest friends who had two little girls at the time.  The others, I gave to my grandmother, my mom and the Salvation Army.

I did manage to stuff about two dozen children's books into our suitcases to read with the kiddies.  But as time passed and the kiddies grew, they grew bored with reading the same stories over and over. 

I purchased a couple of children's books in Spanish for the kids, but they were more like picture books than stories.  I wanted something more age appropriate for my school aged kiddies.  When Hope started elementary school, I was curious to see what books were required reading for kids in Mexico.  But there weren't any!  It's only been in recent years that the teachers have encouraged the kids to read for both their school work and as a means of recreation.

A few years ago, the school opened it's own library and my kiddies began to read whatever books caught their interest.  Most were Goosebumps types of books, but I was just happy that they were reading and starting to really like it.

It wasn't until we finally took the kids to get their library card at la biblioteca (the library) that I noticed that they loved reading as much as I did at their age, especially Hope.  But I still wished they had a bigger (and better) variety of books to choose from. 

Last night, I saw my niece reading Dracula, I thought to myself, "Finally!  Someone's reading something good!  Something I read when I was younger.  Why can't I find those kinds of books for Hope to read?"

Then this morning, while reading my Kindle, I began to wonder if there were books in Spanish for my Kindle.  I immediately checked the Kindle Store and found that there were Spanish language books available, including some of the classics!  Hope's choice for her first Kindle book...Little Women.  She began reading it this afternoon and read for an hour before going to bed. 

I think we're going to need another Kindle! 


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