Where are you, Winter?

Something about this Winter is really bothering me.

But not for the reasons you might think.

While the kiddies were on Christmas break, we experienced a couple of cold days.

On what I consider to be the coldest day this winter, the temperatures dropped to a low 3 degrees.  Celsius.  We don't do Fahrenheit here in Mexico.  But for those of you that do, 3°C is (according to my cell phone) 37.4°F.

To those of you accustomed to negative degrees Fahrenheit, and mountains of fallen snow, 37.4°F may seem like a walk in the park on a crisp Autumn morning.  But for those of us that live in a much warmer climate, 3°C is FREEZING cold!  And the ice on my truck proves it. 

Houses in Mexico don't have central heating.  And space heaters are considered to be bad for your health.

It got SO cold inside our house during Christmas break, that after lunch, Hubby and I would prefer to sit in our warm truck that had been sitting out in the sun all day.  It was actually pretty nice.  We relaxed in our reclining seats.  Hubby played soccer on Nick's DSi, while I listened to music and checked my email and Facebook all on my Kindle.  The only thing missing was a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.  We'd stay in the truck until we were warm and toasty.

It was also during those cold Winter days that Hubby and I vowed that this would be the year that we would buy a space heater.

Then all of a sudden...

Early mornings weren't as cold.  7°C (44°F) is the norm at 7am.  I no longer need to drape my blanket around me like a cape to keep me warm.  I can go about my morning chores without feeling like my fingers are going to break off like icicles.  And the sun shines so bright at mid-day that if you're outside, you forget that it's the middle of Winter.  So warm in fact, that we've even forgotten that we wanted to buy a heater.

This Winter is turning out to be nothing like last Winter.

Last year, it was so cold that we often had aguanieve (sleet).    Hubby worked with the shop door closed.  The kiddies had a few extra days off from school because of the cold.  Our days were spent curled up on the couch, covered in blankets, sipping champurrado and Mexican hot chocolate, while a big pots of soup simmered on the stove.

It was too cold to do anything else.

So, what is it exactly that is bothering me about this Winter?

It's not cold enough!

Don't get me wrong.  I don't like cold weather.  I spend most of my time complaining about it.

I just wish I had an excuse to snuggle under the blankets all day.


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