What a difference a day makes!

The kiddies went back to school yesterday. 

With all of my careful planning, making sure school uniforms were ready, lunches packed, backpacks and jackets ready, our first morning back to our "normal" routine ran smoothly, as did most of the day.

What didn't run as smoothly was our nighttime routine. 

No t.v., computer or video games are allowed after 8:30 pm on school nights.  This is when the kiddies have to double check to make sure homework is done, teacher's notes are signed and that everything is ready for morning. 

Then it's time to brush their teeth and be in bed by 9:00 pm.

My kids are pretty good about following their routines.  As soon as their heads hit the pillow, they're fast asleep. 

But what I always forget to remind myself is that the first day back to school is always the hardest.  The kids are so wound up and have so much energy, plus they've gotten accustomed to going to bed an hour later, that getting them to sleep at 9pm is my very own Mission: Impossible.

Last night, I thought my kiddies would never fall asleep. 

At 9:00 pm, they were still running around the house, refusing to go to bed. 

By 9:15pm Hubby convinced the kiddies to crawl into their beds, but they were playing, laughing and squealing like preteen girls at a slumber party. 

At around 9:30 pm, I started to get a little angsty and worry that this was going to be an everyday occurrence.

And just when I thought I was going to have to get tough with them, they were all sleeping soundly.  Looking at their angelic faces as they slept, I forgot all about the terror they caused just minutes before.  Although I was still a little worried that we'd have a repeat performance the following night.

So tonight, I braced myself for the worst. 

And you know what?

No problems whatsoever.  They were all asleep by 9 o'clock! 

Sigh!  The joys of motherhood.


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