Today, Hubby surprised us all by announcing that he was taking us on a road trip.  But not just any road trip.  Most of our road trips are either to El Rancho or small towns that aren't more than a 20 to 30 minute drive away.  Today we went to Tepatitlan de Morelos (aka Tepa), which is about an hour away. 

This was our first trip in our new car.  With the anniversary celebration and the holidays, we hadn't had a chance to take it out for a real test drive.  I am happy to report that it handled the trip very well.  Now we'll be able to visit Tepa more often, which is something we always enjoy. 

A visit to Tepa for us includes a stop at the upholstery supply shop where Hubby orders almost all of his material.  A quick stop downtown, to walk and do a little sightseeing.  Then a stop at Soriana.  It's a large store very similar to a Walmart.

That's where we tend to get a little crazy.  There's just so much to see.  And so many things that aren't available in our small town. 

"Look a crockpot!  I have been looking for one of those for ages.  Who cares if it only holds two quarts.  Ooh!  There's an immersion blender.   This would make my job in the kitchen so much easier.  Or maybe I should buy that hand-held mixer I see over there.  Mine died while making my first cake order of the year.  How am I supposed to make another cake without one?  Wait!  Look, Honey!  A toaster!   I haven't made toast in a real toaster since we left the U.S.  I can't live without a toaster any longer."

"Mommy!  Come look at all of the Barbies!  I want that one...and that one...and that one over there!  Ooohhhh!  Polly Pocket!  Mommy, the Polly Pocket's in Soriana come with lots and lots of accesories.  The ones where we live only come with one or two.  And these cost less than the ones I asked Santa Claus for!"

"Mom, come look at clothes with me!  There's a sale on jeans.  I NEED new jeans.  The 12 pairs I have at home are old and out of style!  Can I buy that top?  It would look great with my new jeans."

"Mommy!!! Daddy!!!  I want all of the toys in the whole store!  Can I have them?  My birthday is coming soon.  Please!!!!!!  How about only 15,000 toys?   8,000?"

"Dad!  Come quick!  Look at these dinosaur robots!  I saw the commercial yesterday.  Can I have one?  Please!  And can you give me my birthday money that I gave to hold for me so I can buy another one and a Transformer?  Or maybe I should buy a new game for my Nintendo DS."

"Honey, can we go to the bakery yet?  I'm hungry.  I need donuts!  The donuts here are so much better than the ones back home."

You have to understand, we don't have big stores like Soriana where we live, where everything is available under one roof.

Once we get over our initial excitement, we are able to get our actual shopping done.  A few clothes.  A toy for each of the kiddies.  And a few items for me.  This trip I bought food coloring to dye Easter eggs, spices and dried cranberries for a couple of delicious cakes that I want to bake and Dr. Pepper, root beer and a bottle of White Zinfandel just because I enjoy them.

It's the little things in life that make me happy.

I wonder what I'll buy on our next visit.   

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