My First Spanish Post (English Version)

I realize that not all of you read or speak Spanish, so here is the English (and slightly extended) version of my first post en español

A few months ago, my bloggy friend Gretchen from Texan Mama, offered me a little advice and a few ideas for this blog.  One of her suggestions was that I should write a post or two in Spanish.  Then a few weeks ago, my friend Tracy from Latina-ish, wrote a post in Spanish.  She liked it so much that she now does it once a week and invites others to do the same for Spanish Friday.

When it comes to writing in spanish, I'm still kind of on the fence.  Yes, I write and speak Spanish almost to perfection.  I speak it every day.  It's the language we speak most in our house.  But I'm better with English.  My first words were in English.  I think in English.  When I write a list, I do so in English.  My first thoughts about anything are always in English. 

A friend from school once asked me if I dreamed in English or Spanish.  At that time, all of my dreams were in English.  But now, after having lived in Mexico for so long, I finally dream in Spanish too.  It depends on what or who I'm dreaming about.

Some of the questions I'm asked about my two languages make me laugh.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, "Do you ever think you'll forget how to speak English?"  I spoke English for 26 years before moving to Mexico, I really think forgetting it is almost impossible.  But there are times that I forget a word or two.  It happens mostly when I'm writing.  I'll have the perfect word in Spanish, but can't for the life of me remember the English word.  I have to ask Hubby or one of the kiddies.  

Like in November, when I couldn't remember the word "bandoliers".  I wanted to search online for a tutorial on how to make them for Jack's costume, but without the word, I couldn't look for the tutorial.  So I turned to Facebook for help.  Thank God for my friend Nancy.  That was the first time I thought forgetting my English was a real possibility.

So there you have it friends, my first post in Spanish.  It was a lot of fun, but I'm still not sure if I will do it again.

What do you think?


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