Mi Mexico Monday: Tacos

One thing my small town doesn't have is American fast food restaurants.  No McDonald's or Burger King here.  Although, we do have a Jack in the Box, but I'll save that story for another day.

What we do have is something much better...taco stands on every corner!

Our favorite is at the end of our block, right across the street from Doña Mary's store.

Tacos El Cuchas is owned and operated by Hubby's Tio (uncle) Miguel and his wife, Victoria.  They have been in the taco business for more than thirty years. 

Tacos El Cuchas serves only the freshest ingredients and a wide variety of tasty tacos.  Simple favorites such as Bistec (steak), Adobada (chili marinated pork) and Chorizo.  For those of you adventurous, Andrew Zimmern types, I recommend more exotic delicacies such as Cesos (brains), Pepena (intestines), Lengua (tongue), Ubre (udder) and Cabeza (cow head), where you find my absolute favorite, Cachete (cheek).  If you're really lucky, you might even find Tacos de Ojo (eye tacos).  I hear their quite delicious.

The tacos are made to order.  Once your meat of choice is cooked, it is transferred to a tree trunk chopping block, where it is chopped finely into bite-size pieces. 

Tacos here in Mexico are served in two corn tortillas, instead of those crunchy taco shells that are so popular NOB (North of the border).  But don't forget the toppings!  You can add your choice of chopped onion and cilantro, cooked Peruano beans, shredded cabbage and sliced radishes.  No taco would be complete without the salsas.  You can choose between the very mild green tomatillo salsa, or the extra spicy red tomatillo salsa prepared with Chile de Arbol Yahualica.  (The world's greatest Chile de Arbol.)  And to kick it up a notch, you can top it all off with some caramelized onions and a fire roasted chile pepper.  You know, in case the three alarm salsa isn't packing enough heat for you.    

Mmmmm!  Now that's what I call good eats!

Be sure to join me next Monday for more of Mi Mexico.

(P.S.) In case you're wondering...these tacos are very easy on your wallet!  Doesn't get much better at 5 pesos per taco.  That's about 40 cents (U.S.).  We're able to feed our family of six with 5 dollars.

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