A root by any other name

The "mystery food" from last week's Name That Food, is Cassava.  (Also known as yuca, with one "c", not two.)  In our neck of the woods we call them tepecamotes and/or camotillo

The folks at Wikipedia describe it as a "starchy tuberous root".  I think they're more like long, skinny potatoes.  They have a thin brown skin and white flesh.  The taste is even similar to that of a potato, only slightly sweeter.  My favorite way to eat them is sautéed with chopped tomato and onion.  Hubby and the kiddies love them with salt and lime juice. 

If you're lucky, you might be able to find tepecamotes at your local mercado (market).  But we never buy them.  There's absolutely no fun in that.  Hubby, his brothers and all of the kiddies prefer to hike into the wilderness to search for them. 

Here is a video of their latest adventure, to give you an idea. 

Digging for tepecamotes is a lot of hard work, but well worth it.   


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  1. What fun! The next time I'm in the farmer's market I am going to look for them. I need to ask my hubby about them, he probably knows exactly what they are. I guess I have had it before since it is the same thing as yucca...right? interesting! Glad you posted the video also!!!!