Looking back on 2010...

Despite the excitement of the New Year, I am feeling a little nostalgic about the year that is quickly coming to an end.  So, let's take a look at some of my Most Memorable Moments of 2010.

You just know that the year is going to be a good one when the family has a great get together during the first week.  (Read: Three Kings and a Full House.)  Or watch the video!

January was also the month I learned a very valuable lesson.  NEVER delete pictures from your camera unless you are absolutely 100% sure that you uploaded them to your computer.  I only wish I had learned this lesson BEFORE Jack's 5th birthday party.

Not much happened in February, just a bout of Cabin Fever and my first cold/flu in over a year.  But it was all made better with a little gift from my favorite kindergartner.

This picture doesn't need an explanation.  I still shudder just thinking about it!  (Read: Mexican Hillbillies.

The arrival of the newest member of our family.  After going through about a dozen names, we finally settled on Chimi.  (Short for Chimichurri!) 

During Spring Break, the kiddies got their first job as paleteros (popsicle vendors).

This was a busy month.  First we went camping at El Rancho.  Reminded me of the many weekends I spent camping with my grandparents. 

And who can forget my rant about Nick's class not having a teacher for an entire month?

I received startling news that my eldest son, Nick, was malnourished.  But after a visit with a nutritionist and the family doctor, we learned that he is only underweight. 

We all had a good, hearty laugh at some of the World's Unsafest Helmets that came through Hubby's shop! 

Ashley learned how to ride a bike.  My nephew graduated from High School!  We had visiting friends and family.  We lost Brownie.  And I fell in love with my new toy

After what had to be the shortest Summer vacation in history, the kiddies went back to school.  And I hung up on the President.

A gruesome creature was inches away from entering my bedroom.

And all of Mexico celebrated the Bicentennial!

I celebrated my 36th birthday.  Ashley celebrated her 8th.  And I struggled with my asthma, which put a damper on most of the festivities.  I wonder if I should have tried the Skunk Lung Tea.

After a couple of weeks, I was finally on the road to recovery, thankful to be alive and for all of the blessings in my life.  Hubby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  And I had the greatest day in the history of this blog...I was the featured blogger on SITS

Most of November was spent planning my in-law's Anniversary party.  But I was able to pause for a moment to discover that there is beauty in doing the laundry.  I finally got my dream car.  And Jack participated in his 3rd or 4th parade of the year.

The month started off with a bang...My in-law's 46th Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza. I faced one of my biggest fears.  And this Christmas is one the kiddies will never forget, because of the funny letter my brother-in-law read to them from El Niño Dios (Baby Jesus).

2010 was a pretty good year! 


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