Keeping promises...

Dear God,
If my friends forgive me for yesterday's "Santos Inocentes" prank, I promise to write every day for a month.


Have you ever made a promise to God in prayer?

Did you keep your promise?

In the Catholic faith, it is believed that if a person doesn't make good on a promise to God (or a saint) before they die, they won't get into Heaven. 

It's because of that belief that the we traveled yesterday to nearby Mexticacan, to help our dear Aunt Nina pagar una manda (pay/keep a promise).  From the edge of the small town we walked about 4 kilometers (although I swear it was more like 10 km.) to the ranch community of El Santuario.

Me and Aunt Nina
Some of the family

My suegra and one of her nieces.

My suegro

Ashley and Jack

Hope and one of my nephews.

Hubby gave Nick a lift

"Are you sure it was only 4 kilometers?"

We made it!

Family members aren't required to help "pay back a promise", but it was a fun adventure for the entire family.  One my little feet will not soon forget.



  1. What a nice experience! How long did it take?

  2. Nice pictures and very funny. Keep up the good work.

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun day (and a looooong walk!)

  4. I am happy we got the easier part of that hike.

  5. What was the reason behind walking it as opposed to driving on the road? Just curious, lol.

  6. I'm curious like Krystal about the reason for the walk, if we can be so bold as to ask. And I won't hold you to the promise to blog everyday for a month, life happens!