Friday Fragments

More bits and pieces of what's been going on as of late.   

*We bought a new car!  (When I say new, I mean new to us!)  It's a red Ford Explorer circa 1992. (The year I graduated High School!)  I've ALWAYS wanted one since I first rode in one when I was in college.  It was love at first sight.  The only downside is that it's a stick shift.  Remember, I don't know how to drive stick!  (See Driving Miss Leslie)  But I think I'm finally ready to learn! 

*Speaking of driving...I actually drove today!  I helped Hubby deliver a little Nissan truck that he did some work on.  Nick went along with me for the ride and spent the whole time praying.    

*My health is much better.  I went for a short walk yesterday (my first in almost a month) and didn't get all wheezy.  Same thing happened today.  I was actually able to walk to pick up Jack from Kindergarten.  Bye-bye coughing and bronchial spasms.   

*My in-laws' big 46th anniversary extravaganza is just 3 weeks away.   Hubby's brother and sister will be flying in from California!   This will be the first time that all 6 siblings will be together at the same time in I don't know how many years.   

*Tonight, while I stood on my sidewalk talking to Hubby and my eldest brother-in-law, I saw a shooting star.  At first, I thought it was a falling airplane.  Then I thought it must be a cohete (firecracker). When I finally realized what it was, I couldn't think of anything to wish for.  How is that possible?!  My first shooting star and no wishes whatsoever!  Of course a minute later, I had a few wishes, but I'm not going to tell you about them, because if I do, they won't come true.

What would you wish for?

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    1. I saw a shooting star recently too!
      Once you learn to drive a stick you will love it.

    2. Your very first shooting star? My gosh girl you have led a terrific sheltered existence.

      Keep looking up - I have seen several here in Mexico just in the last year or so - over my loooong life time - well let's not go there. Just call me dad ;-)

    3. Part of learning how to drive should be knowing how to operate a stick shift. You never know when an emergency will strike and all you many have is a car with a stick shift.

      Now you are all set for anything that may happen!

      Glad you are feeling better...

    4. That sounds like lots of good news. Congratulations!

    5. my husband tried to teach me how to drive a stickshift on a windy, hilly road in sicily. i gave up but i know you will do great great!

      as for wishes, i would wish for both my sons to find the right person to share their lives with and to find jobs they will truely enjoy.

      our younger son is moving back home after living in nyc for a little over a year. with the economy the way it is, he was not able to find a job in his field, movie production. hopefully he will find something in seattle or portland. he's a great writer and artist so i am hoping he will expand his search and find something in one of those areas, if not in the movie business. funny, both our sons are very artistic, they sure didn't get it from steve or me, most likely from my mother-in-law.

      i'm glad you're feeling better. have a great weekend!

      teresa in lake stevens

    6. My husband taught me how to drive stick shift. It's not that hard. Once you get the hang of it, you won't even realize you are doing anything extra. Good luck.

    7. Never seen a shooting star :( Congrats on the new car! I refuse to drive stick hahaha

    8. God, I love driving a stick, but Hubby is such a wuss and will only drive an automatic. I guess, I should temper that last statement. He is a truck-driver and he believes jamming gears are for 18-wheelers. Still...

      Glad to hear that your asthma is backing off. I get real aggravated when mine gets stirred up and I feel like the 500-pound fat lady is sitting on my chest.

      My wish? Peace, for the whole world to be at peace with themselves.

    9. I am sure glad to hear you are feeling better and able to get back to your many fun routines! You will enjoy the stick once you get it down, there is a sense of power that goes with it.........

    10. I taught my sister how to drive a stick - it took a few hours. It was Easter Sunday, so we practiced in an empty parking lot for awhile and then drove around the downtown area of our small town (since everything was closed and there was not a car in sight) It took her a few days before she was really comfortable, but after the first couple of hours I let her drive the car home, alone.

      I've only seen two or three shooting stars and I don't recall what I wished for if anything. But the event was very cool!

      Kristin _ The Goat

    11. You don't need to wish on a shooting star: your prayers or wishes came true. You feel better, your relatives are coming and you are conquering the fear of driving. Good for you!

    12. Hi Leslie. Have fun driving a stick. I had a stick before and had fun driving it too. Glad you are feeling better, sorry you were sick with your asthma. Take care and enjoy the week ahead. If I saw a shooting star and made a wish, I wouldn't tell you....then it wouldn't come true.:D:D

    13. Congratulations on your new to you car!

      I wish that I could have a vehicle that could fit our whole family in.. when we have all 5 kids together we have to take 2 cars.

      Blessings & Giggles

    14. i think that you are inspiring im 24 and i so visit my hubby in mexico when i can and my daughter and i are planing on moving to mexico and everyone tells me i wont make it and your story shows that some people can!!