It's all about the sidewalk...

Bright and early every morning, while I'm getting the kiddies ready for school, I can hear the swishing of my neighbors' brooms as they sweep their sidewalks and piece of street in front of their houses.  Yes, that's what we do in Mexico.  We sweep our sidewalks and street every morning.  A clean sidewalk and street are signs of a clean home and proof that you're a good ama de casa (housewife).

I'm one of the few neighbors with children, so I don't get outside to sweep until after the I drop off the last kiddie at school.  By then, my suegro (father-in-law) has already taken care of any leaves and debris. On the days when Hubby takes the kiddies to school, I happily grab my broom to give the sidewalk and street a good cleaning.

But this month, I've been hesitant to sweep.  It's Fall.  I miss seeing multi-hued leaves on the ground.  So, I leave the leaves right where they are.  The above picture may not look like much, but to me it almost feels like this:

My suegro isn't such a fan of leaves.  Usually, he'll sweep them up if I don't.  My darling Hubby has asked him to leave the leaves alone this week, so I can enjoy my imaginary Fall.

But this morning, Hubby and I heard someone sweeping outside our bedroom window.  It was too early to be my suegro, so I opened the front door to find one of my neighbors sweeping my sidewalk.  She greeted me with a smile, then went on to say that she thought that I was probably sick and was unable to sweep.  She swept up the leaves so I didn't have to worry about them.

 Who needs Fall when you have such thoughtful neighbors. 



  1. Awww....what a great neighborhood to live in & such sweet friends/family!

  2. Nice looking sidewalk!
    I am always pleasantly amused when we travel down the hiway and roads here. We constantly see people sweeping dirt walkways and clearings, which would not be unusual if they were concrete or stone, but they are dirt already.

  3. AMANDA: Thanks for stopping by! And yes, they are very sweet!

    TANCHO: I used to think the same thing when my grandmother would insist on sweeping our dirt campsite EVERY weekend. But once I moved to Mexico, I understood that it's just how she was raised. :)

  4. That is SO SWEET!!! Your neighbor is awesome. Our front patio has lots of dry leaves... but mostly because we're lazy.

    Seriously, with our big tree, I sweep one day and it's dirty the next. No point.

  5. I won't be odd then, I have been sweeping my driveway and sidewalk since I bought my own home last year. I wish everyone took such pride in their homes and country. I hate driving/walking down any street and seeing the litter and debris.

  6. I love other countries they can be so clean and neighborly. I love the picture of the tree in fall. Good imagery. This was a well told story. Very funny: )

  7. What a great post Leslie and what great neighbors. It's look nice and clean. I'm happy for you. Viva Mexico!:)

  8. I used to love sweeping the front at my grandmas because she had this short broom made out of something like twigs? and just tied with a piece of string or something. What are those called Leslie?

  9. you have a very interesting blog! being Mexican, my blog is also multicultural and have the Mexican flavor mixed in my posts. I'm glad I've found you via BlogFrog! feel free to stop by ;)

  10. That is beautiful that you have such sweet thoughtful neighbors :) And I love the view of your street (this is my favorite season as well, so I'd probably leave the leaves as they are as well).

  11. Orale! Entonces si vives en un pueblo de acá. Por donde yo estoy con toda seguridad te puedo decir que no se barren las calles como allá. Eso es cuestión pasada, pero supongo que aún haciéndolo muchos se deben conocer y platicar de los vecinos y eventos personales.

    Que curiosidad ver todos los días barrer por las mañanas!

  12. Leslie,
    I'm stopping by from your tribe but also, HAPPY SITS DAY!!! I didn't know you were going to be the FB today. that's so exciting!!! I hope all our fellow Hip-Stah tribe members stop by to tell you hello. Have a beautiful day.

    And, btw, I can't believe you sweep your sidewalk and street every day. I'd be exhausted!!

  13. KRYSTAL: You're going to feel right at home. :)

    MPMI: Thank you so much for stopping by!

    GLORIA: It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

    MAMA OF 4: Same with my girls. They love to go help Abuelita, but hate sweeping our sidewalk. :)

    OJ: I'm so glad you stopped by from BlogFrog. I will visit you soon.

    ANISFAIRY: Sí. Vivo en un pueblito en México, donde muchas cosas todavia se hacen a la antigua. No hay dia que no salgo a platicar un rato con mis vecinos.

    TEXAN MAMA: Surprise! :)

  14. My husband is Mexican and German but clings to his Hispanic blood lol. He would love to retire there. I hate the thought of being away from my "could be" Grandchildren. My son and his wife are going to wait a bit. I haven't been to Mexico and have heard it can be a bit spicy living there. Reading this is making me think maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    Happy SITS day!

  15. Ya for thoughtful neighbours. Still, the colourful leaves, the crunch, the smell. I love fall.

    Happy SITS day.


  16. that is so sweet! i get the stink eye from my neighbors because i am such a slacker about sweeping. it's such a funny custom to me (although it does make sense) and i guess i am just not used to it yet!

  17. Hi Leslie I found you yesterday when you were featured on SITS. I'm so glad. I've already learned so much from your blog. I love your cooking blog too. I'm going to try your recipe for churros this weekend. My kids have always loved them, but I didn't know how easy they were to make. You make it look simple. Anyway, I just moved to Michigan and am experiencing my first fall with leaves that change color, so I've been taking lots of pictures of them and putting them on my blog. If you want some virtual leaves that you don't have to rake, come check it out.