Sundays in My City...

I had so much fun sharing my city with all of you last week, I thought I'd do it again.

Today was the big Inaugural Parade, the "official" beginning of Las Fiestas (the fair) and it couldn't have been a lovelier day.  Look at the billowy white clouds.

Before the parade started, I was a little startled to see 2 young men standing high atop the church.  They were bell ringers, waiting for the parade to start so they could start spinning those large bells round and round.  

The parade featured Charros

Vaqueros (Cowboys).


Beautiful costumes representing the traditional dress of several parts of Mexico.

There were also several Bandas de Guerra on hand.  This particular band was from nearby Tepatitlan de Morelos.

One band visited from Ciudad Guzman.

And another band from the state of Guanajuato. 

There were beauty queens.

Colorful characters.


Even some of the local businesses participated, often offering free samples of their products to the public.  It was like a party on wheels!

It was a fun time for everyone.  Now, I must go and rest my feet before the next parade on Thursday!



  1. Ayyyy amiga I see these pix y de otras fiestas y como me dan ganas de ir :) Hopefully pronto se me aga ir cuando sea tiempo de fietas :)

  2. Wow Im so glad you decided to join in again because I really loved your photos last week and they are just as wonderful!

  3. Thanks for posting. I lived only one year in Mexico. I loved the culture. Honduras has so much instability now that parades like that are always in danger of being hijacked by extremists. Enjoy the good times.

  4. The parade looks fantastic. What fun. I cannot wait to come and visit you guys.

  5. There are so many things my husband talks about life in Mexico, but I can't wait until we finally experience a real life parade in Mexico! My husband was born in Tepatitlan Morelos!

  6. I LOVE a parade - there is no shortage of them in Veracruz!

  7. Wow! Very beautiful festivities in your hometown. I love the traditional dress.

  8. Your town is AMAZING!!! I wish Cancun did cool stuff like that

  9. ah, yes. you live in the land of the beauty queens. does everyone look like ms. mexico?

    love the costumes!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun. They have a similar event, though the costumes are more halloween styled here in Germany called fasching. I love to go they hand out free things all along the way.

  11. I am going to put Yahualica on my list o places to visit. You have a lot of fun there with all those celebrations and festivals. Nice!

  12. COCO: Ya sabes, amiga! Cuando quieras, eres bienvenida! :)

    SONYA: Thank you so much! It is a great time of year here in town and I just want to share it with the rest of Blogland! :)

    LAURIE: Where in Mexico did you live?

    MINDY: Mi casa es tu casa! :)

    BROOKE: My pictures don't do the parade justice. It really is best appreciated in person.

    CALYPSO: September is THE month of parades and pilgrimages here in town.

    LEAH: I am always amazed at the beautiful costumes.

    GRINGATION: Yeah, but you get to live in beautiful Cancun! :)

    CHERI: We are all much prettier! LOL! :)

    LOST IN TRANSLATION: Thank you so much for stopping by. I'd love to see pics of your parade. Do you have any on your blog?

    TENEK TECH: Cuando gustes! :)

  13. i love a good parade! looking forward to pictures of this week's celebrations.

  14. I love parades! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your city looks beautiful! I look forward to following your blog :)

  16. I love the beautiful costumes. I wouldn't mind some free samples, either.

  17. You know what? I felt like I was there!

  18. Leslie, vives en Yahualica Jalisco o Yahualica Hidalgo?

    Ando viendo tu blog, está muy entretenido!