Working woman...

For months, I've been noticing that I've had to help out in Hubby's upholstery shop more often than usual.  In more than a couple of blog posts, I've mentioned that things have been pretty hectic.  And they haven't showed signs of slowing down.  But today I came to a shocking realization.

Hubby's shop isn't busier...I am!

The reason that I'm helping out more in the shop is that I know a lot more about the upholstery biz than I used to.

Back when Hubby opened his shop, I swept the floors and handed Hubby his tools, like a nurse passes surgical instruments to a surgeon.  Then it was on to loosening and/or tightening screws of car, truck and motorcycle seats.  Soon, I worked my way up to ripping seams and dismantling the seats.

The one thing I refused to attempt was the sewing.  Sure, I knew how to sew using my Grandmother's old Singer.  But Hubby had a big, strong, industrial sewing machine that was extremely intimidating.  I was afraid that I was going to step on the pedal too hard and end up sewing my fingers together.

After plenty of gentle pleading and cajoling, Hubby convinced me to start sewing.  I began by sewing the straight lines for the car seats.  Then I graduated to cushions.  (I'm an expert. Really! Click here to see for yourself!)  Now, I can sew an entire seat cover all by myself.  

Then it came time to learn how to use the big guns.  Staple gun, that is!  I'm pretty handy with a staple gun, if I do say so myself.  Have you seen my dining room chairs?

The only thing I haven't learned how to do is re-upholster couches.  But that day will come.  And when it does, Hubby just might have to change the shop's name from Tapicería "El Boy" to Tapiceria "El Boy y La Gringa"!


  1. I'm proud of you, you have learned something new!

  2. You never cease to amaze me Leslie! First off, yes I read your blog whenever I get a chance. I know, I'm not the best at leaving comment. Anyways I know I tell you this a lot but dang girl you have some serious writting skills! I'm not one to hand out compliments freely, I just say it how I see it. Great job!!!!

  3. Upholstering a motorcycle seat peaked my attention! Where are you located now? ;-)

  4. That is great that you are so involved in your husband's buisness. I can't even sew a button. Maybe i should learn some upholstry tricks from Cesar.

  5. I love learning new things and being as well rounded and self sufficient as possible. I always had my father show me everything growing up.

  6. That is so fantastic. I have all of these ideas in my head but never get them through to product. You are amazing!!!

  7. WOW!! I can only imagine how hard it must be to work with that sturdy material! Good for you :)

  8. Leslie - that's awesome chica!!! I'm hoping I can start helping hubby out with the family business one of these days too...No heavy machinery for us though!! LOL!!!

  9. The way you are with the staple gun is the way I am with the glue gun. Everything comes together better with a little hot glue.

    And where does the "El Boy" name come from??

  10. Thats funny about the name change. For sure as much time as you put in lately there may need to be a name change. This is so cool that you can help him out when he needs it.

  11. EMPRESS: Thank you! My hubby is pretty proud of me too! :)

    TINA: You are my biggest cheerleader. I am so thankful for your friendship! :)

    CALYPSO: If you're ever near Guadalajara, give me a call. Hubby has promised a special rate for my fellow Mexpat bloggers. :)

    REBECCA: Is Cesar going to open an upholstery shop? If he does, learning about the biz is inevitable.

    A WONDERFUL LIFE: I'm the same way. I want to do it all. Sadly, I don't have time to do it all! :)

    MINDY: See comment above! I've got tons of ideas. Just wish I had more time to see some of them through to fruition.

    GRINGATION: Gracias, amiga! :)

    OMT: So what's the family business?

    ALICE: The glue gun is my second weapon of choice. :) And I actually get to use one for odd jobs in Hubby's shop. As for the name, I'll be sharing that story very soon. :)

    AMANDA: I joke with Hubby that if he doesn't change the name, I'm going to have to open my own shop across the street. :)

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