What's in a name? (Part Two)

Continuing with yesterday's story...

We are all pretty happy about the shop's name change.  Tapicería El Boy.  Named after our son.  (Our only son at that time.)  Hubby had new business cards and receipts printed up for the shop.  Everything was going smoothly and business was booming.

Since most people knew that we lived 3 houses down from the shop, customers would knock on my in-law's door looking for Hubby when the shop was closed.  Which is very common practice in Small Town, Mexico.

One day, Hubby and my in-laws had to leave for the day.  As did my dentist brother-in-law.  That left me home alone with Hope and Nick, attending to customers and patients. (In case you're new to the blog, my dentist brother-in-law works out of the second floor of my in-law's home.) We had just finished eating lunch when someone knocked on the door.  I figured it was one of my brother-in-law's patients who was late for an appointment.    I opened the door and asked the gentleman what he wanted.

The man, who was in his mid 30's asked if El Boy was home.

This simple question completely startled me.  Why was a 35 years old man asking about my 2 year old son?

Being the protective mother that I am, I was very defensive and asked him what he wanted with my son?

The man looked at me almost as shocked as I was, then asked if I was El Boy's mother?  To which I answered, "Yes."

The man, who looked even more confused, shook his head in disbelief and said, "Wow!  You look really good!  You must have been very young when you married.  I never would have guessed that you were his mother."

At this point I was thinking, "Okay Mister, small talk and flattery is nice, but it's not going to get you anywhere near my son!"  But before I could say anything, the man then commented that I must also be El Dentista's (the dentist's) mother.

What??? I was really confused!

I quickly explained to the gentleman, that the dentist was my brother-in-law, NOT my son!  

Then, in a cartoon-like, light bulb moment, we both realized our confusion.

It turns out that the man thought El Boy was my Hubby's nickname.  I quickly explained that it was actually our son's nickname, and then we started laughing all over again at the confusion. 

Never in a million years did it cross our minds that people might think that El Boy was Hubby's nickname.  And now, when someone asks for El Boy, I always make sure to ask, "Which one?"



  1. Ay amiga lol! Thanx I really needed a good laugh he he he!

  2. Your welcome, Coco! :) We always get a good laugh when remembering this story!

  3. Wecome to the Nestwork again! I used to live in Mexico! I love it there!

    Mama Hen

  4. MAMA HEN: Thank you so much for adding me to the Nestwork! :) Where in Mexico did you live?

  5. Hehe. This one actually did make me LOL!!

    To answer your question on your last blog comments, yes my husband opened his upholstry shop a few months ago. After a year of him not working i let him know if he planned on us moving there he may want an income.... SO i shipped his machine down there and it has been going really well. His shop is Tapeceria Dany. (after our son Daniel who we never call Danny, but everyone else does)

  6. i love a name with a story! thanks for writing up the story of El Boy. But it begs another question...why is your son's nickname El Boy?!? :)

  7. That's just too funny! I would have been totally confused and taken a back also. Thanks for stoppin by my page and congrats on the much success with the shop :)

  8. What a great story, and I love the name. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  9. So funny Leslie, and you didn't even have the language barrier. I have these types of run ins all the time but they usually come down to semantics that I dont understand. ;)

  10. ♥ this blog too Leslie! I can barely keep up with one blog let alone 3! You're a very talented writer. Following this one too.

  11. Hilarious!!!

    The dark side of Mexican apodos hahaha

  12. El boy...I would think your husband would respond much more quickly to El Hunk-a-Hunk of Burning Love...or something to that effect, right!
    I'm following from Mama's Little Nestworks.

  13. Too funny! (And a cute nickname.)

    How fun to be able to live in Mexico.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  14. Thanks for visiting me from LBS tea party :-)

    What's in a name - a whole lot, obviously! My dad & brother share the same first name (different middle initial) and though it's been over 30 years, the U.S. postal service still gets confused.

    My mother-in-law and I have the same name (middle initial different).

    Before marriage, there were distant relatives with whom I shared my name - I almost got a root canal at the dentist one day because someone pulled the wrong file.