Sidewalk Romeo and Juliet...

"O Romeo.  Romeo.  Wherefore art thou Romeo?"

I know exactly where Romeo is.  Every evening, he can be found sitting on my sidewalk, underneath the tree outside my bedroom window, gazing into the eyes of his beloved.

One of my neighbors that lives across the street is a young girl in her mid-teens.  Let's call her Juliet.  Juliet has a young suitor (the aforementioned Romeo) about the same age, who comes to visit her every evening, after they both get off from work.

They spend hours talking, giggling and enjoying each others company.

Young Romeo is a romantic at heart.  He often serenades his fair maiden, by playing classic love songs that we're big hits in the 90's, on his cell phone.  I now know every word to Bryan Adams' "Everything I do", in both English and Spanish.  

Tonight, Romeo played a different tune for his lady before he left...Hermoso Cariño.  (A very romantic song made famous by Vicente Fernandez.)

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, Romeo must have realized that a cell phone could never do justice to such a romantic song.  Because he returned for a few minutes, only to blare the song from his truck's radio.

But even that wasn't enough!

Romeo quickly returned once again, with a couple of friends.  One of which was armed with a guitar and the other with a recorder.  (A flute-like instrument.)  The trio then belted out a live performance of Hermoso Cariño, proving that romance is not dead!  


  1. LOL, that is really sweet. I personally am not a romantic and would have been embarrassed, but well still cute for them.

  2. how very sweet. my high school sweetie was quite romantic. in the summer he would bring me roses every day. he never serenaded me but i probably would have been embarrassed like rebecca, even though i am a romantic person. ahhh, so nice to nice romance is not dead.

    teresa in lake stevens

  3. Sweet story. What is the normal dating age in Mexico? Do these kids date or just visit outside the house? I like to know how other cultures do things. I know old textbooks on Mexico state Mexico is very conservative about teens seeing each other. They would meet up at the jardin when the whole family was there that sort of thing. Also how does this work in your family? Don't you have a teen daughter? Jan in Mississippi

  4. Great story!!!! This kid has earned some serious points :)

    Very sweet

  5. That is one thing I <3 about Mexican culture, couples chatting in front of the house every evening. As a parent its nice to know who your kids are dating and where and when they see them.

  6. New experience for me. :-)

  7. how sweet! i love serenatas - unfortunately no one has ever brought me one. My brother in law did bring one to my sister with a mariachi and everything...i was so jealous :)

  8. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer!

    REBECCA: Serenades are a very old tradition in Mexico and it's nice to see that the young folk are keeping it! :)

    RITA & ANABEL: Yes, very sweet.

    JAN IN MISSISSIPPI: It used to be that the normal dating age for young girls was after their quinceañera (fifteenth birthday). But nowadays, I see 12 year old girls, holding hands and making out with their boyfriends everywhere.

    The young couples do go out on dates. But if a couple is serious about each other, they just sit outside their house to visit.

    Back when my Hubby was a teen, the tradition was for the boys and young girls to go to the jardin with their parents. The girls would walk around the jardin in one direction and the boys in another. If a boy liked a girl, he would ask if he could walk with her. If the girl said yes, the couple would walk around the jardin together just talking. Sadly that tradition has been lost.

    As for how it will go in my family, old school rules will apply. No dating until their 15 and ONLY if their grades are acceptable. :) I hope the next 3 years pass by VERY slowly!

    GRINGATION: Serious brownie points! :)

    MAMA OF 4: I now understand why my grandfather insisted on my pretendientes coming inside the house to ask for permission to date me! :)

    NAN: Thanks so much for stopping by.

    AURORA: I need to have a serious talk with your Hubby! :)

  9. Ay, my heart! :) ... This is the first blog post I read this morning and I think I will just walk around with this stupid smile on my face all day. So sweet! Thanks for sharing it.