Ready or Not...

I've had 6 weeks to prepare for this day.

I spent the better part of this weekend shopping for backpacks, shoes, uniforms and an insane amount of school supplies.  

All 4 kiddies got a haircut.

This is the BEFORE pic!  (You're going to have to wait for the AFTER pic!)

Backpacks are ready.  Lunches are in the fridge.  Uniforms and shoes have been laid out.  And for the first time in 6 weeks, the kiddies were in bed before 9PM.

All that's left to do is set the alarm clocks, get myself to bed before 10:30 PM, then hope and pray that I can wake up in time to take the kiddies to school! 



  1. Backpacks are EVERYWHERE around here right now - mostly colorful with cartoon characters like Sponge Bob and his pals. Must be a great business ;-)

  2. your children are beautiful-even before their haircuts.

    i hope they all have a great school year! the kids here start in 2 1/2 weeks. hopefully i'll start work the following week. i work as a substitute teacher but my husband and i will be on vacation the first week of school.

    teresa in lake stevens

  3. "La la la "skipping in delight "Kids go back to school today, kids go back to school today, kids go..."

    I'll be singing that all day. Felicidades.

  4. Those are some great pictures, your kids are so cute ;) My little guy goes to get fitted for his uniform on the 30th (preescolar). I am missing all the back to school stuff from my childhood (coloring pictures of apples all over the place, the fun bulletin boards the teachers would put up with backpacks, apples, fall leaves etc.) I am trying to get into the spirit of things here. BTW I love your background very dick and jane ;)

  5. *gasp* it's monday now!!! Are they at school??

    I bet it's a lot easier when they all have uniforms, right?

    Good luck Limon kids!

  6. you can do it. think of the things you'll be able to do once they're in school...

  7. my son went to kinder for the first time today. sooo cute in his little white polo shirt and levi's. i can't believe the day has come and went!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of supplies! Such cute kiddos. :) Even though it's a lot of shopping and expense, I like the fresh start feeling I get at back-to-school time. You lose that as an adult b/c there is no Christmas break or 3 month summer vacation.

  9. First...your kiddos are GORGEOUS. Truly beautiful children. And second, let's hear it for early bedtimes - YAY! I'm totally with you there. ;-) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Happy Monday!