Not today, Señor Presidente. I have a headache.

Today started like any other day...

Okay, so it was nothing like any other day.  I woke up with the biggest, most debilitating migraine EVER and left Hubby to take care of getting the kiddies to school, while I went back to bed to nurse my migraine.

I awoke only once for a glass of water and ended up answering an INEGI census on the security/insecurity of Mexico.

Still feeling the effects of the migraine, I returned to my room, in hopes that after another short nap I would be cured of this horrible malady.

I had barely fallen asleep when the phone rang. Figuring that it was Hubby calling to ask if I needed anything while he was picking the kiddies up from school, I got up to answer the phone.   Instead of my Hubby's deep, sexy voice, I was greeted by a woman who said, "Stay on the line for an important message from the President of Mexico."  Then a recording of Felipe Calderon's voice said, "Four years ago, the country..."

I didn't bother listening to the rest of the message, I just hung up the phone.  As soon as I did, Hubby and the kiddies walked in the door and Hubby asked, "Who was that on the phone?"
Me:  Felipe Calderon.

Hubby: Ha ha! No, really who was it?

Me:  Felipe Calderon.

Nick:  Really?  What did he want?

Me:  I don't know.  I hung up on him.

Nick:  WHAT??? Why would you do something like that?  What if he get's mad at us?

Me:  Sweetie, I'm sure the President has more important things to worry about than me hanging up on a recorded message.

(Enter Hope who just arrived from school and notices the worried look on Nick's face.)

Hope:  What's wrong?

Me:  Nothing!

Nick:  Felipe Calderon called and Mom hung up on him.

Hope:  (Laughing uncontrollably)  Mom, stop kidding around and tell Nicky the truth.  Felipe Calderon did not call you.

I explained for the third or fourth time exactly what had happened.  Annoyed, Hope turned to Nick and said, "It's just a recorded message.  Everyone hangs up on those."  Hope's simple explanation was enough for Nick and we all continued on with our day as usual.  But it wasn't the last of this conversation.

Nick and a couple of his classmates were chosen to work on the class bulletin board at school.  They all met at our house this afternoon to do some research online.  For some strange reason, my internet connection kept going out.  I couldn't figure out why, but Nick was sure he knew exactly what the problem was.  "See mom!  I told you the President was going to get mad.  And now he's decided to hit you where it hurts most...he's taken away your internet!"

Ridiculous, right?  Yeah, I thought so too.  But as I was writing this post, my internet connection went out four times!  Coincidence?  I think not! 



  1. "hit you where it hurts most"???

    They'd probably say the same in my house!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. That's only the first time you've received that Bicentenario recorded call? If so, they've been neglecting you, because I get that call every three days. I'm going to have to tell Felipe Calderon to keep on calling you until you'll talk to him!

  3. beautifully written! :)

    amber h from charlotte,nc

  4. KATIE: LOL!!! I am feeling much better thank you! :)

    JENNIFER ROSE: I think Felipe Calderon likes you more than he likes me! :)

  5. AMBER H: Thank you! What a sweet thing to say! :)

  6. HAHAHAHHA Felipe Calderon loooooves me, but only while I'm at work.

    Your kids are too cool.

  7. Jajaja! OMG Leslie, very funny story, you made me laugh so hard! - Saludos! Paty

  8. Leslie,
    That is a funny story. I just came over from your cooking blog...not realizing that you were actually living in Mexico. I just read some of your previous posts here, to catch up. Its funny because when my husband and I moved from the U.S. down to Mexico, just after my daughter was born in 2001. We moved to a little fishing village in the state of Jalisco, where my husband opened up a small cafe. I too, wished I was blogging way back then...would have made my adjustment a lot easier to deal with. Anyway, I only was able to last 2 years living there. The adjustmnent was just too much for me. However, I gave birth to my son there and I do so love the country and it's culture. Mind you, someday I would love to live there part-time. :) So I really give you credit for being able to adjust to a new way of life.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. What I love about SITS is the connections you can make! You stop by my blog, I stop by yours and read a hilarious story about the President calling you on a recording and I enjoyed it very much and never would have found you otherwise I'm sure!

  10. I'm following you back from SSS. Thanks so much for visiting we loved having you.


  11. LMAO...isn't that the truth, that taking away a blogger's internet connection would totally hit us where it hurts! That'll teach you for hanging up on the President!

  12. A new follower here from Mama's Little Nestwork. I will truly enjoy following your blog and reading about your life in Mexico. My husband is Mexican, so I will most likely relate to some of your stories. :)


  13. LOL!!! Oh no, they have those phone calls there, too? I've hung up on Barack Obama and various senators ;) Sometimes you're in the middle of cooking dinner and it's just not a good time...hee hee.

    Glad your migraine is gone. Those things are like living death.

  14. Too cute that even your kids know that the internet is so important to you.

  15. following both of your blogs from the Nestwork :) Love it!

  16. I think it was an conspiracy... I bet they were hoping you would call and ask to hear the message again in exchange for you internet. Sneak government officials!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. xo

  17. Great story. Wonderful line by your son. Love it.

    Sorry about the headache. I understand.

  18. Man, that president sure knows how to get back at disinterested citizens - I think I'd cave quickly if our president started taking away my internet! Soon I'll have to listen to all of those messages just to be safe!

  19. Bwaaaa ha ha ! That is too funny. Or the internet went out b/c they were calling too many people at once and the message had to reset itself, causing lines to get blocked up.

  20. Another wonderful slice of life story -- Leslie, you even managed to make a migraine story charming and rich!