They played. We watched. Spain Conquered.

During the past month, I have been witness to injustice.  I have been angered by unfairness and bad judgments.  I have mourned the loss of loved ones.  I have seen heroes fall.  And I have suffered the agony of defeat.

But I've also seen greatness unfold before my very eyes.  I have watched David defeat Goliath.  And I have felt joy and happiness like no other.

This month has been full of passion and intensity.

Soccer is one of my favorite sports to watch on TV. 

It all started years ago, when I sat with Hubby to watch Mexico play during the World Cup in France back in 1998.  During those 90 minutes, Hubby explained every play and answered every question I had.  I didn't fully comprehend, but my interest had been piqued.

It wasn't until Korea/Japan 2002 that my love for the game blossomed.  Why else would I wake up to watch matches that aired at 2:00am?  By then, I was capable of discussing any given game with detail, facts and stats, with very little mention of how cute a certain player was.  (Hello Beckham, Figo and most of the Italian team!) 

Every four years, my love, admiration and respect for the game continues to grow. 

This year's World Cup was no different.  For the last 30 days, I've lived and breathed futbol (soccer).

But now that it's over,  I am left with just one question....What am I going to do now? 


  1. AHAHAHAHA I love your last sentance :D But I think the Kindle should be able to calm you for a while! :) And you know? I've never had the slightest interest in soccer untill all of this Cup mania started going on. (It's my first Cup year in Mexico) I've never EVER seen so much passion and excitement over a sport - the super bowl doesn't hold a CANDLE to this! And I've got to admit I was totally drawn in by it all!! I'm still not much for watching a whole game in one setting but I like to tune in for a bit and I was SUPER interested in the process and the play-offs and who would win and why and the EXCITEMENT and rooting for Mexico and I don't know... it's hard to describe but I know you get it. It's something you feel in the air here!

  2. Does the Kindle work in Mexico? I just bought one, so I hope so. I was having a problem with the small type on books, so figured this would be a help... anxiously awaiting the delivery.
    I for some strange reason paid more attention to the games this time....weird.

  3. You could make menudo:))) Have a great week.

  4. Jajaja - clearly I can understand your dilema!!! It is called withdrawl, and I am sure there are groups for us!!!

    So looking fwd to Brazil 2014 :)

  5. EVERYONE in Honduras was rooting for Holland. Except me. Because I judge a team on the quality of the players, ie. hair, face, body. Spain had the most handsome fellows! I am glad they won!

  6. GRINGA: You do have a point. The Kindle is keeping me pretty entertained! :) And I totally get what you're saying...Futbol Fever is caused by something in the air! :)

    TANCHO: It does work in Mexico! I was worried that it wouldn't work in my small town situated in Los Altos de Jalisco, but it does! And I'm loving it! I hope you enjoy yours! :)

    And I think the reason you paid more attention to the games this year was because you caught Futbol Fever! :)

    GLORIA: True! But my house is so small, I don't think we could stand the smell. Even though the original owners of my house made the best Menudo around! :) I hope you have a wonderful week as well! :)

    OMT: We do need a World Cup support group! :) I'm actually hoping that Mexico qualifies for the next Olympics. I don't think I can wait 4 years for another soccer tournament! :)

    LAURIE: You would have felt right at home at my in-law's home. My visiting sis-in-law and I were the only ones rooting for Holland. Everyone else was rooting for Spain. They kept yelling "Si! Si! Si!", while I yelled "No! No! No!" But I love the way you judge the teams! :) I used to judge them by their uniforms.

  7. Oh Leslie, I'm in total futbol withdrawal. :/ We only missed like 4 games this whole month so we were totally immersed. Combine that with people here on TV or radio making snide remarks that go something like this, "Well, the World Cup is finally over --- did anyone even notice?" Blah. There are more fans here in the U.S. now, but the "ignorant" people still perpetuate the myth that no one likes it here. I'm fuming, but still in withdrawal....

  8. MELISSA: I hear ya on the futbol withdrawals! :) At least I have the Tour de France to keep me company, but it's just not the same. Not as exciting. :)