The Impatient Patient...

The congestion in my head cleared, but has made its way down to my chest, where it is making its new home.

I am not a happy camper.

Doesn't this cold/flu know that I have things to do?

I may not be a working mom with deadlines to meet, but I still have responsibilities that need to be taken care of and prior engagements that I do not want to cancel.

It's summer!  I'm supposed to be having fun with my kiddies in the great outdoors, not lying in bed fighting a fever.  I need to fold and put away the laundry that took every ounce of my energy to do and made me even dizzier in the process.   I have appetizers and snacks that I need to start working on for tomorrow.  Not to mention bread dough to make.

Tomorrow! (Sigh!)

We're having a huge family get-together at El Rancho tomorrow in honor of my visiting sister-in-law.  I don't want to be the only one staying home.

So, I'm going to turn in early tonight and hope that this cold/flu has packed its bags.


  1. La suegra doesn't have a magic potion para curar el gripe? Polvo de alacran y ojo de triton?

  2. ANONYMOUS: LOL! No, I'm lucky! My suegra isn't in to that kind of thing. She believes in modern medicine.

  3. I say use this time to enjoy those elusive naps :)

  4. Can you get some Airborne? I put some in a bottle of water every few hours until I get feeling better. It really works.