The Day I Slept with a Real Slime...

Outside my bedroom window, stands a lovely tree that provides shade and a gentle breeze.  Last week, a swarm of bees threatened to take up residence in that tree.  I was only slightly concerned due to the fact that I am highly allergic to bees.  Fortunately, Proteccion Civil smoked them out.

This week, I've noticed that there are still a few bees buzzing around my tree.  But they aren't the only winged creatures hanging out in the tree.  I have seen at least a dozen beautiful butterflies.

I like butterflies.  Butterflies are pretty.  And I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic.

One day, while observing the butterflies from our bedroom window, Hubby commented that it has been a  while since he had seen any orugas (caterpillars). 

In years past, we have found caterpillars that have fallen from their home amongst the leaves onto my cement sidewalk.  During caterpillar season, one of my elderly neighbors refuses to walk under my tree.  She prefers instead to take her chances by walking down the middle of the street to get to her house or go to El Mercado (the market).  She hates caterpillars.  And I can understand why.

But Nick loves them.  He finds them absolutely endearing.  So much so, that one year he adopted two of them as pets.  He carried them around with him everywhere.  He even named them.  He really loved his caterpillars. 

As the day drew to an end, I tried to explain to Nick that the caterpillars needed to go back to their home in the tree, to be with their family and sleep in their own bed.  Nick nodded and said he would take the caterpillars back to the tree.

That night, we all went to bed after I told the kiddies the story of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

The next morning, the kiddies were watching early morning cartoons, while I got dressed and straightened up my room.  I removed the bedspread, fluffed the pillows and lifted back the top sheet so I could smooth out the bottom sheet.  Suddenly, I let out the loudest scream, that would put Jamie Lee Curtis to shame.

Hubby and my father-in-law ran in from the shop to see what had caused me to scream so hysterically.

I stood in the corner of my bedroom and all I could do was point at the bed.

Hubby looked at where I was pointing, then carefully lifted the top sheet to reveal a fat, bright green, half-squished caterpillar at the foot of my bed.

By then, the kiddies had all ran into see what the fuss was about.  Nick made his way to where my Hubby was and noticed the caterpillar.

Hubby then asked Nick why he hadn't taken the caterpillars to the tree like we had asked.

Nick, glanced around at all of us, then explained that he had taken the caterpillars back to the tree to be with their family, who were probably very sad at the prospect of losing two sons.  But then he got to thinking that the family would be so happy to have their sons back, that they would let Nick keep one of them.  And Nick, being the kind, gentle soul that he is, brought the caterpillar to my bed, because the caterpillar could look out the window to see his family, in case he got scared or lonely.

I love my son!  But I will never forget the day that I slept with a real slime! :)


  1. Leslie - You had me going with that title - here I am thinking a real novella from the motherhood girl - oh well....

  2. LOL! you are funny and Nick is a sweet boy!

  3. Thanks for the smile this morning, amiga =)

  4. ayayayay! things kids do...

  5. Oh my Soul!!! ::shudder:: I don't mind caterpillars...but I certainly couldn't handle having one appear in my bed like that! No Sir! Imagine waking in the middle of the night with it crawling on you.



  6. ooh..i'm just as squeamish as you on this... my boys , on the other hand, would've been in heaven..

  7. Oh thats so great, I love the reason he put it in your bed. That is really gross though Im sure you were really scrubbing your feet in the shower that day. lol

  8. Oh my goodness, I hate finding things in my bed! That might give me nightmares. Shudder.

  9. LOL!  Yeah, I wouldn't be so happy about that and wouldn't have screamed equally loud.  I remember when I first moved here how creeped out I was about any and all creatures/bugs.  Now, the only things I hate still are spiders and beetles.