Suspended in time...

The gang's all here!  Well, most of them.  The others will be arriving this weekend.  (Please pray that they have a safe trip.)  

My kiddies have a couple of friends and cousins that come to visit every Summer from the U.S.  My kids, the visiting kids and the some of the neighborhood kids all gather at my house to play, watch t.v. and help me bake cookies or cupcakes.  It's a fun tradition that we look forward to year after year.

What amazes me most is that as soon as the kiddies reunite, it's as if time has stood still for an entire year.  There's no, "Oh my goodness!  Look at how you've grown!" Which is usually my reaction.  It's just a group of friends getting together to laugh and play, as if the year apart had only been a couple of hours.

Summer...what a lovely time of year!


  1. So true Leslie! I was one of those kids that would spend the entire summer in Mexico when I was younger and I felt so free and loved hanging out with my cousins, aunts and friends. Those memories are cherished for ever!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! And I loved The Little Rascals when I was a kid.

  3. yes, summer is a great time. since i'm a teacher i have summers off and love to travel. tomorrow i head to the northeast: n.y.c., salem, n.j., philly and boston. i get to visit my boys,(i still call them boys even though the younger one will be 24 on sunday) sister-in-laws family and some friends i haven't seen in 22 years.. how time does fly.

    enjoy the time with the kids that are coming down. i already said a little prayer for their safety.

    teresa in lake stevens

  4. TERESA: Thank you so much for the prayers! :) And I hope you have a wonderful visit with your boys and your friends and family. Abrazos! :)

  5. Leslie I am praying that your family all make it safe. OH please give us pictures and stories of the adventures you have with all the visitors, sounds like you all have a blast.