Siesta, Interrupted...

(Not my bedroom!)

No rest for the weary?

I'm not to sure if we qualify as weary, but we sure aren't getting much rest!

In Mexico, we have 2-hour lunches.  This gives us plenty of time to eat and if we're lucky, we can take a little nap.  Yes, the famous siesta!

But there are times, no matter how tired you might be or how inviting the bed looks, you just can't seem to rest.  The universe just isn't willing to let you take that lovely nap that would help you to recharge your batteries.

1:50 PM:
Hubby closes shop a little early and we all enjoy the wonderful meal I've prepared.

2:15 PM:
We've finished eating.  Kiddies get to watch TV, while I clean the table and leave the dishes soaking in the sink to wash later.

2:20 PM:
Hubby lays down to rest, while I sit at the foot of the bed trying to figure out what's wrong with my computer and maybe do some blogging.

2:30 PM:
Hubby is sleeping soundly.  And he looks so relaxed.  The sunlight is streaming in through the bedroom window, making the bed look even more enticing.

2:35 PM:
I can't take it anymore!  I can work on the computer later.  I could really use a nap.  Let me tell the kiddies to turn down the t.v. and to play quietly while Hubby and I take a nap.

2:37 PM:
I kick off my sandals, let my hair down and lay down to take a nap.  (Sigh!)  The bed feels even better than it looked.  (Sigh again!)

2:42 PM:
The kiddies turn the TV up way too loud, startling both Hubby and me.  I get up and ask them to turn it down.

2:45 PM:
Lay down again to take a nap. (Sigh!) I really need it!

2:55 PM:
One of Hubby's customers knocks on the door to drop off 4 chairs.  Hubby is still sleeping peacefully and he looks so cute, so I get up to attend to the customer.

3:00 PM:
Customer leaves.  I check in on the kiddies; all is well.  Since it's only 3 o'clock, I still have time to enjoy a nap.

3:15 PM:
El Panadero (bread man) knocks on the door and of course, all of the kiddies are starving.  So I get up, let the kiddies pick their bread from the basket and then pay Bread Man.

3:17 PM:
Kiddies want to eat their pastries with a glass of milk.  Serve kiddies their milk.  Glance at clock and decided that even though I may not get to take a nap, I need to lay down to rest for a while.

3:25 PM:
Phone rings.  It's a wrong number.  Ugh!!!  I was so close to falling asleep.

3:26 PM:
It's more than obvious that I'm not going to be able to nap or rest, so I lay down to read a book and fall asleep minutes later.

3: 40 PM:
Hubby wakes up, then whispers sweetly, "Enjoy your nap."

3:45 PM:
Hubby opens La Tapicería (our upholstery shop) and lets the kiddies ride their bikes.  The kiddies make tons of noise getting their bikes out the front door.

3:55 PM:
The kiddies scream, "It's raining!"  I think to myself, "That's nice.  Nothing like taking a nap while it's raining."  Then I suddenly remember that I did 3 loads of laundry earlier and the clothes are outside drying on the clothesline.

3:56 PM:
Jump out of bed.  Begin desperate search for my sandals.  Make mad dash to the back patio to bring in my laundry.  No point in going back to bed now.  Might as well get to work on those dishes.

4:00 PM:
My inner Scarlett O'Hara declares, "Tomorrow is another day!"


  1. Testing comments to see if they work! :)

  2. Amiga - I'm trying this again.... LOL!!!

    It always seems to work out like that doesn't? Just before you are about to fall asleep - BOOM. It happens. Interruption. Whether it be knocking at the door, or your mind overpowering your need to sleep. The mind is very powerful, and for me always seems to win. I always tell myself I wont' nap. Hubby tells me I need to tell myself I will. Hahaha - I'll have to try it, but not so sure it will work!! LOL!!

    I loooved this blog :))

  3. That's mexico for ya! Everythings kickback n relaxed....

    except not.

    Enjoy your summer!

  4. Waiiittt... you guys get Siestas? WHAT??? We SO do not get them here up North! LAME BORDER TOWN! :D LOL I thought Siestas were a thing of the past, like, they USED to exist but not anymore. Not that it would matter with a monster 6 month old anyway, but still... it's cool that they're out there. :)

  5. A yes the siesta - a wonderful invention. Spanish origin? An empty nest makes a wonderful siesta location ;-)

  6. You need to read Under the Tuscan Sun, a great novel by an expat in Italy. Not at all like the yucky movie with same title. Has great advice on siestas as well as siesta time as enjoyed by a few famous authors who sojourned to Italy. Apparently siestas were good for more than sleep. Don't forget to update my blog link as my new blog is working fine.

  7. Maybe letting the kids ride their bikes right after the meal would aid in getting a nap.

    I enjoy my naps, even if I just rest a bit. :-)

  8. Great post!!! Definitely been there... Jorge can sleep through anything, and I'm stuck trying to get everything done hahaha

    I say talk to the kids about respecting mom's naptime :)

  9. You wooed me from BF. Looking forward to learning more about a Gringo living in Mexico.

  10. wow, i love long lunches. with that time, no wonder people would just go home for lunch. but what time does the work day end?

  11. Bread or pastries? I´m betting it was the specific latter, not the more general former. Hope a good siesta comes soon.

  12. Long weekends, holidays every othe week, 32 week academic year, open shop/show-up when you feel like it, huelgas, cumpleanos, dias personales, se me hace gordo, ya quiero una siesta (porque me desvelo *again) Yep, this Mexico runs like a well-oiled maquina!

    Mami Floja

  13. OMT: I'm so glad you were finally able to comment! :) And I hope you will tell yourself to take that nap. You're going to LOVE it!

    REFRIED DREAMER: Exactly! LOL! Not everyday is as crazy as yesterday. Gracias a Dios!

    GRINGA-N-MEXICO: Siestas do exist. But mostly in small pueblos such as mine. Where people can close their shops/businesses at 2pm, head home for lunch and enjoy a siesta, if that's what they want to do! :)

    CALYPSO: I've always considered the person who invented the siesta to be a GENIUS! :)

    LAURIE: I will have to look for that book. Sounds like something I would love! And thanks for reminding me to update your link. I will get right on it! :)

    LEAH: I'm still too much of an American to let the kiddies play outside while we rest or nap. I wouldn't get any rest because I'd worry too much! :) They're actually pretty good at keeping quiet. Our nap time is usually when they do their homework.

    GRINGATION: That's funny! There are days that my Hubby can sleep through anything, and days that he can't. Luckily for me, I can sleep through most anything on the days that Hubby can't! :)

    SUNNY DAY: Glad you could make it! :)

    CHERI: Our work day is from 9am-2pm then 4pm-7 or 8pm. :)

    FELIPE: Our Bread Man delivers both bread and pastries. And yes, the kiddies did prefer the pastries! :)

    MAMI FLOJA: Sounds good to me! :)

  14. Oh I would LOVE a siesta nap time! I studied abroad in Madrid and that was one of my favorite times of the day:)

  15. I AM loving this blog!!

    the pictures, the stories...the life I wish I had . Lovely to meet you!

  16. I keep petitioning to get siestas going here but so far it's not working. So understand about trying to take a nap and getting every interruption in the world. Murphy's Law, right?

  17. I was enjoying your post already, knowing those days when the universe is against my getting any more sleep, and then you quoted Scarlett.

    That won me over.

    Now I need a nap.

  18. Isn't that how it goes!!??


  19. A TWO HOUR lunch with a NAP?! I need to move to Mexico.

  20. Siesta is so civilized! I'm a big fan of a short nap but I have to be careful or I sleep too long and I'm up till 1 am.

  21. I am so jealous of your siestas! I went home at lunch today to let the dogs out and I stole 30 minutes from my job to lay down. It was lovely. I don't do it often, only when I REALLY need after being out too late the night before. ;)

  22. I hate that "I left the laundry out" feeling. I consider that feeling a workout on its own.

  23. Love a good siesta. Best thing I took from my time in Mexico.

  24. Some things never change, no matter where you live, it seems! Always a challenge for a busy mama to catch a few z's!

    Nonetheless, this little peek into your life in Mexico is a lovely and very appealing one -- the siesta, the family time, the bread man. The pace doesn't seem to be as maddening as it is here.