Not feeling like myself...

I know I promised to blog everyday this month.  And I have every intention of doing so.  But after yesterday, I feel like I'm walking around in a daze.

Everything reminds me of Brownie.

His passing was so sudden and so unexpected.  We didn't even get a chance to say our goodbye's.

This morning while I was feeding the cats, I cried when I glanced over at Brownie's bowl.  The cats are sad too.  They lay in Brownie's favorite spot all day long.

The very thought of going to the back patio, where Brownie spent most of his time, is too much for Hubby and the kiddies.

We miss him dearly and cherish the good times we shared. Some of which I shared here on the blog in posts like "And they called it puppy love" and "Never Ending Tail".

I miss my friend so much, it hurts.


  1. Hugs Leslie. I will be praying for you and your family.

  2. It gets better. I promise. I once had a special ed student (my former career) who had a dog who was hit by a car. And died. The student told me he saw the dog's spirit leave his body and go into the air and disappear. Who knows? Maybe you will see Brownie again.

  3. Again, very sorry amiga. My thoughts are with you all :)

  4. So sorry Leslie. I very well know the feeling. On Monday we had to put down our Springer Spaniel who was all of 14 years and two months. We could not let her go on falling and not being able to hear, she even lost her vocal cords. But she hung on and kept eating and drinking water but I asked the vet about her and he checked her and euthansia was the best for her so that she wouldn't suffer any more. So now she is with Chorizo, our mixed shar-pei. We miss both of them very much. I'm sorry for your loss Leslie, remember the spirit lives on. Take care.

  5. I know how you feel and I am so sorry.