My Kiddies & Their 1st Job!

I'm still a bit water-logged from a day of swimming and fun in the sun.  So I thought today would be a great day to share one of the photos that I never got around to sharing here on the blog.

It's a pic of my kiddies (along with my 2 youngest nephews) hard at work on their first job.

It was towards the end of Spring Break, when the kiddies were getting tired and restless.  In hopes of cheering them up a bit, we walked them down to the local paleteria (popsicle shop) to buy them a popsicle.  While we were there, the paleteros (popsicle vendors) were returning their carts after a long, hot day of selling paletas.  Hubby and his brother were immediately reminded of the "old days" when they used to sell paletas to earn extra money.

The kiddies' eyes lit up.  They all wanted to sell paletas to earn extra money too.  At first, we weren't too sure if they should.  They're young.  And they don't really need the money.  But after minutes of listening to them go on and on and on about how cool it would be, we agreed.  At least it would be a good life experience for them.

Bright and early the next morning, about 10am, the kiddies were all ready to go pick up their carrito (cart).  The owner filled it with paletas of every flavor, and filled the kiddies in on how much they needed to charge.  Most paletas cost 3 pesos, but there were others that cost 5 and 7 pesos.  (All less than fifty cents.)

Then they went on their merry way.

We didn't allow them to go far.  They were only allowed within a two block radius of our house.  The 3 boys took turns pushing the cart, while Jack and the girls yelled "Paletas!  Hay Paletas!" 

In less than 4 hours, the kiddies had finished selling their paletas.  Most paleteros don't finish until 5 or 6pm.

When they went to return their cart, the owner thought that they had just gotten tired and told them to empty out the cart.  But the kiddies surprised him when they told him that they didn't have any paletas left.  The owner shook their hands, commended them on a job well done and handed them their earnings.  170 pesos!  ($14 U.S. dollars.)

Now tell me, aren't these the cutest paleteros you have ever seen? 


  1. Oh yeah, I would buy paletas from those paleteros even in the snow.

  2. And so begins their marketing careers....;-)

  3. Starting em young!!! LOL!!

    Loved the video Leslie :)) Sooo cute!!!!

  4. I love it! A lesson well learned. Sounds even like they are well on their way to becoming entrepreneurs!!

  5. muy bien! they make very good salespeople :)

  6. How cute! Have they done any more selling?

  7. What a great lesson. Best of all, it was very successful. Did they do it again?

  8. I for sure would have bought one from them. Cute faces sell. lol

  9. CHRISSY & SUNNY DAY: They did sell popsicles the following day, earning just as much as the first day. But they ended their promising career, because it was time to go back to school! :)

  10. Lilia EvangelistaJune 13, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    "Gritenleee." jajajjaja So, cute!! btw: send them to my house. I'll buy all the paletas.