Frog Tails to cure just about anything???

It's summer and the kiddies are out of school.

While my kiddies will be spending most of their time playing outside, someone is bound to get hurt, fall off their bike, scrape something or get hit with a flying soccer ball.  As a mom, I do my best to soothe my babies and nurse them back to health.  Be it with band-aids, ice packs and kisses.  But most times that's not enough.

"You forgot the magic words!"

Ah, yes!  The magic words that have been spoken by every Mexican mother and grandmother throughout the ages.

I remember my grandmother nursing my cuts and bruises when I was kid.  But it wasn't until after she would recite the magic words that I would begin to feel better.

"Sana, sana, colita de rana.  Si no sanas ahora, sanas mañana."
(Heal, heal, frog tail.  If you don't heal now, you'll heal tomorrow.)

Okay.  So it loses something in the translation.  But believe me, in Spanish, there is nothing these magic words won't cure!


  1. so many of your posts bring back memories. my mom used to say that but i always thought she was saying culito de rana ;-)

    thank you for the good wishes on my trip. i sure am looking forward to it.

    teresa in lake stevens

  2. Love it Leslie! I do that too and it brings immediate relief to their faces :)

  3. I remember my abuelita saying this to me. Never could remember the second verse so thank you for sharing and bringing back the memories.

    Irma :)

  4. EEEEE!!! LOL I even know that one! When I was working at the other hotel one of the non-english speaking housekeepers taught me that! I didn't know it was so special though, I thought it was just part of her bruja-thing. :) I'm SO going to have to start it with Daisy - Thank You Leslie! :)

  5. Very sweet saying! I came over from Blog Frog.

  6. Oh wow, Cesar and everyone say that all the time and i had no idea why. In fact i never even really connected it to when he got an owie, but not that you mention it it makes sense. Thanks!

  7. I actually havent ever heard this one, around here everyone including Issacs mom uses la crema de majica. Which turns out to just be vitamin cream or just Vaseline. Alana already asks for it when she bumps or scrapes something.

  8. Hahaha - I've never heard it, but I love it!!! Thanks for sharing amiga :)