Expecting the worst...

A storm is a brewing and I'm not talking about the rain season.

My computer is dying a slow and painful death.  Slow for my computer and excruciatingly painful for me.

My computer is barely 18 months old and already it is causing me problems.  WHY???

It's been acting up for about a month.  The screen would freeze.  It wouldn't upload my pics from my camera.  It would beep occasionally.  And yesterday, as I was waiting for my computer to start, it stopped and showed me a blue screen.  Then it tried to restart itself, only to encounter the same problem over and over.  I turned it off.  Let it rest a while.  Then turned it back on.

The only way I can use my computer is if it is in SAFE MODE.  (Which makes me a happy camper!)

I did some research and learned that the blue screen that kept popping up is called THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!  And that it's not a question of IF my computer is going to die, it's WHEN! 

I enlisted the help of my friends on Facebook and they were all of the same mind-frame..."Back up your files and photos!"  I wasn't too concerned about the photos, because I've been working on that already.  But one can never be too safe.  So I went through all of my pics, once again, organized them and made a couple of more back-ups!

One good thing did result from this dreadful situation...The wonderful memories that the pictures evoked.  I even found a couple of pics that I've been wanting to post here but never got around to doing it.  Which is a great idea if you're stumped on what to blog about.  Go through old pics and well, you know how the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

So...if for some reason you don't hear from me via my attempt to blog daily, know that it is because of a certain imminent disaster.


  1. The sooner you migrate from Microsoft to Ubuntu, and release yourself from the shackles of constantly having to buy and upgrade Mr. Gate's bank account you will be happy.
    Is an operating system that is free and supported by millions of computer people throughout the world.
    Check it out.

  2. I remember twice getting the Blue Screen of Death on my laptop the first year I had it. I shut it off and let the battery run out. Then I replugged it into the power strip and recharged the battery. This happened twice, and I haven't had that problem since. I've had my laptop five years now.

    However, since you're computer keeps doing it, it sounds serious. I definitely would back up everything. Do you have Adobe Professional? Then you can make PDF's of all your pages of your blog (and back them up). I would definitely go the Edit HTML section of Blogger dashboard and back up the template (give it an easy to remember name). Then save it to a backup CD! Just in case!

    You really have a nice blog, by the way. It must be very interesting to live in Mexico. I'm off to read more!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you liked the cherry blossoms!

  3. Odds are that your computer is just dirty inside, which keeps the fan from properly cooling everything off, which means that gunk bakes on the stuff inside. Take it to your local techie for a cleanup.

  4. I would try having it cleaned as well. There is alot of dust in Mexico 8) Anyways it would not hurt to try.

  5. I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy aimed at making sure people are buying the latest technology every year.... Good luck though!

  6. I agree with the cleaning suggestion. On the coast we get a lot of condensation from the humidity. Short circuits and all. Even though you may not have the water issue, you may have your own form of "pollution." Good luck. Having lost two conpouters in Mexico during the past year, I can more than empathize.

  7. I do computer repair for a living. Dozens of scenarios, but I am going to email you some info and the best places to start. The "Gradualness" of it inclines me to believe one thing over another. Hope you get the email..and hope it helps you in one way or another. wish you lived closer & I would just stop over and take a look at it for you!

  8. It's not Mexican dirt, nor even Microcrap that's loused up your machine, it's all the retarded mommie sites you link to

  9. Anon - I've said it before, and Ill say it again...get a life loser.

    Amiga - I sooo get it. Losing my computer would be torture!!! I don't know when we'd be able to replace it, and what would I do??? Thank God for Facebook as I've uploaded all of my pics there!! Well most anyways!! Hahahaha!! Glad you've gotten a head start!!!

  10. Hope you get the problem solved. I've been enjoying your blog for a couple of months. Don't say much, but I love reading it.

  11. Tancho: Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into it.

    NEW JERSEY MEMORIES: Thanks so much for stopping by. And thanks for the tip. I had no idea I could make PDF files of my blog pages.

    JENNIFER ROSE: My computer has been cleaned. Hubby uses his air compressor to clean it every couple of months. :)

    SARAH: Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm pretty sure you're right! :)

    STEVE: I don't know if I could survive losing another computer.

    KATIE: Your help has been such a blessing. Thank you! :)

    OMT: I lost my first computer almost 2 years ago. I was without a computer for 3 months. (I was waiting for it to be fixed.) It was three of the hardest months of my life. And that was before I had the blogs and Facebook! :)

    MARY C: I'm so glad that you commented. And I hope you'll continue to do so! :)