New safety laws & the latest fashion trends...

When reading this post, please keep in mind that I do live in a small town in Mexico, where things are done a little differently than other places.  

Earlier this month, two new laws went into effect.  The first law is one that should have been in place years ago.  And it actually was.

When I was in labor with Jack, the entire hospital was abuzz with the news of a young man who had been beheaded in a horrific motorcycle accident.  The Presidente Municipal (mayor) immediately passed a law requiring anyone riding a motorcycle or scooter to wear a helmet.  Those who refused would be fined 350 pesos (about 28 dollars) and possibly have their motorcycle taken away.

That's a good thing, right?  At least that's what I thought.  But a lot of people weren't happy about having to pay 120 pesos (less than 10 dollars) for something that could save their lives.  The public outcry was so overwhelming, that the law was dropped, never to be heard from again.

Until this month...

As of June 1st, everyone riding a motorcycle or scooter is required to wear a helmet.  The driver and all passengers.  Those who don't comply will be fined 350 pesos and have their motorcycle taken away.   Again...this is a very good thing.  And most people seem to be in agreement.  Some are even buying (or making) unusual unique helmets.

 Like this one that Hubby is wearing.  It was made by one of his customers out of fiberglass.  Hubby lined the inside with foam for comfort and a better fit.  And he added a leather strip to keep it in place.   How would you react if you saw someone riding down the street in one of these?

Then there's my neighbor.  He decided that he didn't want a dull, boring helmet.  So he dressed it up with a nail mohawk.  Not the safest thing, is it?

But there are some people that just haven't grasped that the whole helmet concept is for their safety.  We have seen people of all ages barely wearing their helmets.  Straps flipping in the wind.  But the helmet that takes the cake, has to be this one that Hubby covered with vinyl.  Cute, huh?

Now, what if I told you that it is made entirely out of duct tape?  I kid you not!  Kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?    

Ay, Dios mio!



  1. Leslie - that's hilarious (well...the duck tape thing-a-maging-a)jajaja!!!

    I can't believe that they dont' have a law on what type of helmet should be worn. I have friends here who ride "crotch rockets", and wear nothing more than a bicycle helmet!! Yeah, cuz thats gonna save you going 130 km/hr!!!

    You have to start somewhere, right?!

  2. a helmet does no good in a beheading accident. Although I always wear my helmet I think it should be the drivers choice. The helmet your husband has on is more of a hazard than a help. I do worry about the little kids I see clinging to their parents/siblings on motorbikes, skooter and ATV's. I would hope the law would limit the number or passangers. I love your pink helmet, it would match my jacket very nicely.

  3. too too funny! But I love the color. It's funny that you just have to wear a helmet, but doesn't matter what kind!

  4. Sad thing is, none of those "skull caps" would be DOT approved. Anything fiberglass, would fall apart in a crash. And the spikes, wow. I could only imagine. Maybe I'm a little anal about helmets (hubby's bro died on one), but unless it's one of those huge, full face helmets.. you won't see me anywhere near a bike.

  5. Ack that skull thing is frightning.

    I hate seeing families on bikes. Like an adult,couple of kids and a baby strapped on someones back. Scary. Proably why there are so many crosses on the road.

  6. Ducktape is totally awesome!!!

    :-) Very cute!

  7. Well... they're ALMOST getting it right. My favorite here in Cancun is seeing the family of 4 (plus baby) all riding a scooter.

    You look adorable!!

  8. too funny! i stumbled across your blog today... I've lived in GDL since 2006 & we started our family in 2008 (my son). Lots of wild adventures and crazy stories!

  9. actually I think the skull helmet kinda improves his looks.

  10. love all the helmets, pink is nice and surely the spikes will protect the neighbor in case someone tries to rob him as he is riding, all very creative, but, does hubby have full vision in that skull helmet?

  11. There is a "helmet law" here in Mérida too. Most people wear whatever can pass for a helmet. I have seen batting hats, construction hard hats and lots and lots of what looks like WWI military style helmets. Usually the helmet isn't even fastened, it's worse than nothing. People don't like to wear them because of the cost and the heat. What really saves them is that in town they seldom go faster than 20mph, but they sure drive unsafely too.
    The pink one reminds me of an English riding helmet, of the old type. The modern ones are very ugly but do protect your brains a bit better.

  12. It is amazing how things are done so differently in a different country and culture. Hopefully it will not take another accident before they realize helmets are a good thing.

    Stopping in from SITS.

  13. wow finally! my uncle was injured in a motorcyle accident. he was riding his to town (lived in a small village in mexico) and a bus drove by and got him on the head with its huge mirror. he was never the same after that, her became much like a hermit. here in the states i still see people every day ride their motorcyles without a helmet. a helmet is a helmet i guess but some of those styles would freak me out!

  14. And this is why I love Mexico. The government pretends to pass a law and the citizens pretend to obey it.

  15. I know there is a law around here and oddly enough the transisto are pretty good about pulling people over if they are not using their strap and such. Although you still see people without them all the time. And now that you have explained how those were made I wonder how many of the ones I actually see are even safe.

  16. Just stopping by from Lady Bloggers to say hello! What a hilarious post!


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