Don't Sweep! (I mean it! Don't do it!)

I've been having problems with my computer for a couple of days.  I spent my rare moments of free-time,  trying to fix it, while the kiddies watched T.V.

I don't know how they do it!  In less than 30 minutes, they destroyed my perfectly clean living room.  Cups and juice boxes everywhere.  Fruit peels and cookie crumbs scattered through out.  Along with torn pieces of colored paper, toys and a handful of colored pencils.  Not one cushion was in it's place. And there were shoes everywhere.

After I finished counting to 1,458,297 to calm down.  I grabbed my broom to sweep up the mess and restore some order.  I was halfway through when I suddenly remembered something very important.  An old Mexican wives' tale that my father-in-law always warns me about.

You're not supposed to sweep in the evening.  If you do, you will soon become a widow. 

I began to worry, because Hubby was away on one of his bike rides.  I didn't want to risk Hubby falling and hurting himself.  

But then I glanced at my living room and forgot all about the old wives' tale.  I wouldn't want Hubby to have a heart attack at the sight of the mess, either. So, I reached for my broom and laughed a bit at how silly I was being.  After all, it's not like I'm superstitious.

Then I proceeded to say a quick prayer for Hubby...just to be on the safe side!

What about you?  Do you have an old wives' tale to share?  

(P.S.)  Hubby made it home safely shortly after!


  1. I'm used to setting my purse on the ground at restaurants and such when there's no empty chair available to place it on.

    My Mexican friends FREAK OUT when I do this. They always try to hang it on the chair or something. (I hate this bc it messes up the handles) When I tell them to leave it on the floor, they look upset. When I go to the bathroom, they usually hang it on the chair again or something.

    If the chairs have a round back, my friends eat/drink the whole night with their purses behind their backs or in their laps. Talk about uncomfortable!!

    Apparently it brings bad financial luck to place your purse on the ground.

    My finances are fine.

    I should post on this...

  2. I was just thinking the same thing, my mother inlaw says dont sweep int he evening, I just thought she made that up because she was to tired to sweep at night!
    But, I need to sweep, I'm actually sitting here trying to convince the hubby that if he sweeps I'll mop. Or...I need to go to the chiropractor first then I'll sweep tomorrow. Our house keeper went MIA on us. So....I've been doing it...well when I want to do it! lol
    I've also hear that if your pregnant, not to be in the sun!
    Well...I stayed in the sunshine :)..even wore a bikini just to get a nice ole brown belly!
    I dont know many other ones!
    Cant wait to hear what other gringas come up with!

  3. I've heard the purse one too... I don't leave my purse on the floor and I have one of those little table hooks so I can put my purse somewhere everytime.( Pick one up, they're soooo convienent!)

    Also, when you're sweeping, and there's some worthless monedas on the floor, PICK EM UP! It's bad luck to throw away ANY type of money, it's like saying, literally, that you throw money away and well, we all know we need more!!!

  4. Hola Leslie. My step-mom was from Guadalajara and always told me that whenever I drop a spoon, step on it or company will come, it will be a girl/woman, if it's a fork it's a boy/man and if it's a knife it has to do with some kind of business. So I always stepped on them if I dropped them. Tee Hee. Oh by the way, I still do. Tee Hee again. :)
    Oh yeah, she also used to eat "dirt." Strange as it may be, she would have me go outside and find some "polvorones," little clumps of round dirt that had been hardened but still soft enough. She would actually eat one or two a week, said it was good for the digestive system?? I never did that, but I did find them for her. How strange. Have a great day and hope your husband got home okay. Take care.

  5. here in the philippines, it is also said that it's not good to sweep at night. they say you're sweeping out the good luck (if you're indoors), or you're disturbing the elementals who are turning in for the night.

  6. In the DF waiters make a production of bringing a purse rack to your table, now I know why :S
    As elder sister to three brothers I was lady of the house when mama was away. I'd latch the screen doors to keep the boys out while the wooden floors were being waxed and polished More than once they threw buckets of dirt through the screens! We had real live devils!


  7. LOL cool I've never heard that one! No WONDER everybody sweeps first thing in the morning here! :) Awww I don't have any Mexican superstions but my Mom always said that when you drop a peice of buttered bread and it falls butter side down that company is coming! :D

  8. I have one. My daughter took her new baby to Mexico City to meet her husband's family. After a couple of hours of doting on him, several of the women decided he had had too much "air." They said they had to rub him with an egg. ? After a few questions my daughter said OK. They laid him on a bed and massaged all over his little body with a raw (uncracked) egg. Then they cracked it into a glass of water to show her all the air bubbles they had collected. OhhhhKaayyy.

  9. OH yeah, with sweeping... if you sweep inside and push all your dust out the front door... DON"T. You're pushing all your personal business out in front of everyone to know!!! I always push to the door and clean it up. Then begin again, outside!

  10. Leslie....i changed my blog name...but all my blogger friends...on the follow list..have searchingbliss...and if you click on wont take you anywhere. I thought it would automatically update all my followers lists too.
    So one can follow me anymore! HELP

  11. My suegra is terrifed of owls. Apparently if you see one lurking nearby during the daylight it means someone is doing to die. And, my great grandmother used to say the same thing about a bird that flies into your house window. Why are birds associated with so much death?!?

  12. Leah: Your suegra might be right!

    Wise Owls: Sometimes they're still chained to perches ouside schyster's offices. They originally indicated notarys or lawyers to the illiterate.

  13. Jajaja -when reading your description of how your kids left your family room....I thought of my husband and his friends!!! That is exactly how they are too!! LOL....

    Wives tale - don´t really know any? Hubby is always telling me that in Mexico it´s bad luck to put your purse on the floor. So now, I never do as I wouldn´t want to disrespect the money Gods!!

    Glad hubby made it home!!

  14. Stopping by from SITS - never heard of this wive's tale, very interesting. I barely sweep during the day, let alone at night - so I guess I'm covered! =]

    If you get a chance, come check out my blog, I'm doing my first ever giveaway!

  15. ooh, I like that one! (is there something that says I shouldn't sweep in the daytime either?....pretty please!)

  16. I think we should make up a lot about housecleaning and the horrible things that will happen if we do it. Stopping from SITS!

  17. Really? I've never heard this one! Geez, they are pretty "out there" aren't they!