World's Worst and Unsafest Helmet...

Last week, I told you about one of the new laws in town and I shared some of the unusual helmets that some of Hubby's customers are using.  And I said that the worst had to be the pink vinyl covered duct tape helmet.  (To read that post, click HERE.)


I spoke way too soon!  You see, the same person that brought in the duct tape helmet, later brought in this helmet, fashioned out of an old straw hat.

So very wrong! 

New safety laws & the latest fashion trends...

When reading this post, please keep in mind that I do live in a small town in Mexico, where things are done a little differently than other places.  

Earlier this month, two new laws went into effect.  The first law is one that should have been in place years ago.  And it actually was.

When I was in labor with Jack, the entire hospital was abuzz with the news of a young man who had been beheaded in a horrific motorcycle accident.  The Presidente Municipal (mayor) immediately passed a law requiring anyone riding a motorcycle or scooter to wear a helmet.  Those who refused would be fined 350 pesos (about 28 dollars) and possibly have their motorcycle taken away.

That's a good thing, right?  At least that's what I thought.  But a lot of people weren't happy about having to pay 120 pesos (less than 10 dollars) for something that could save their lives.  The public outcry was so overwhelming, that the law was dropped, never to be heard from again.

Until this month...

As of June 1st, everyone riding a motorcycle or scooter is required to wear a helmet.  The driver and all passengers.  Those who don't comply will be fined 350 pesos and have their motorcycle taken away.   Again...this is a very good thing.  And most people seem to be in agreement.  Some are even buying (or making) unusual unique helmets.

 Like this one that Hubby is wearing.  It was made by one of his customers out of fiberglass.  Hubby lined the inside with foam for comfort and a better fit.  And he added a leather strip to keep it in place.   How would you react if you saw someone riding down the street in one of these?

Then there's my neighbor.  He decided that he didn't want a dull, boring helmet.  So he dressed it up with a nail mohawk.  Not the safest thing, is it?

But there are some people that just haven't grasped that the whole helmet concept is for their safety.  We have seen people of all ages barely wearing their helmets.  Straps flipping in the wind.  But the helmet that takes the cake, has to be this one that Hubby covered with vinyl.  Cute, huh?

Now, what if I told you that it is made entirely out of duct tape?  I kid you not!  Kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?    

Ay, Dios mio!


Perfect Strangers...

I'm pretty sure that the man pictured above is a stranger to all of you.  He is a stranger to me.  I don't know where he lives.  I don't know his favorite color.  I don't know what kind of music, movies or food he likes.  I don't even know his political or religious beliefs,

These may not seem like very important details, but they are things that a daughter would (and should) know about her father.

Yes, the man in the picture is my father,  And the only thing that I know about him is that today (June 14th) is his birthday.  Every year, I say a little prayer and wish him nothing but joy and happiness.

So, where ever you might be...Happy Birthday, Dad!


Don't Sweep! (I mean it! Don't do it!)

I've been having problems with my computer for a couple of days.  I spent my rare moments of free-time,  trying to fix it, while the kiddies watched T.V.

I don't know how they do it!  In less than 30 minutes, they destroyed my perfectly clean living room.  Cups and juice boxes everywhere.  Fruit peels and cookie crumbs scattered through out.  Along with torn pieces of colored paper, toys and a handful of colored pencils.  Not one cushion was in it's place. And there were shoes everywhere.

After I finished counting to 1,458,297 to calm down.  I grabbed my broom to sweep up the mess and restore some order.  I was halfway through when I suddenly remembered something very important.  An old Mexican wives' tale that my father-in-law always warns me about.

You're not supposed to sweep in the evening.  If you do, you will soon become a widow. 

I began to worry, because Hubby was away on one of his bike rides.  I didn't want to risk Hubby falling and hurting himself.  

But then I glanced at my living room and forgot all about the old wives' tale.  I wouldn't want Hubby to have a heart attack at the sight of the mess, either. So, I reached for my broom and laughed a bit at how silly I was being.  After all, it's not like I'm superstitious.

Then I proceeded to say a quick prayer for Hubby...just to be on the safe side!

What about you?  Do you have an old wives' tale to share?  

(P.S.)  Hubby made it home safely shortly after!

Name that fruit!

(Insert catchy game show music here!)

Okay friends, it is time to play one of my favorite games...Name.  That.  Fruit!  (Applause!) 

This lovely fruit, which I think looks like a petrified strawberry, was spotted today at our favorite fruteria.  Hubby was told the name, but since Hubby has a memoria de Teflon*, he forgot it in the 5 minutes that it took him to get home.  (*Teflon Memory: Nothing sticks to it!) 

In all honesty, I am not the adventurous type.  At least not where food is concerned.  But this is a fruit, so it can't be that bad.

The inside of the fruit was not what I expected.  (Although, I'm not really sure exactly what I expected!)  It looked and tasted like a grape.  Pretty darn good. 

Now for the Million Dollar Question...What is it?  

*NOTE: "Million Dollar Question" is just an idiom .  No money will be awarded for the right answer.  :) But isn't the knowledge that you know the correct name for this fruit reward enough?

The skinny on my thin kid...

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who commented on yesterday's post and offered some wonderful advice and kind words of encouragement.  (Big hugs to all of you!)  

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  Thoughts of my malnourished son kept running through my mind.  So this morning, I called a family friend, who also happens to be a nutriologa (nutritionist).  I explained our "situation" and she scheduled an appointment for 6pm.

When we arrived at her office, she expressed how shocked she was at Nick's diagnosis, because she knows what a great cook (and mom) I am.

She weighed and measured him.  Then she measured his body fat and muscle tone.  She checked his blood pressure, skin tone and elasticity, and finally his hair.  It was a very thorough physical examination, followed by a bunch of questions about everything from his eating habits and favorite foods, to his physical activity.

Final Diagnosis:

Nick is NOT malnourished.  But he is slightly underweight for his height.

As far as his diet is concerned, he needs to eat more of the things that he dislikes most, which are pastas and veggies. We were given a food chart that lists what foods (and portions) Nick needs to consume at every meal.

And I was told not to worry...My son is healthy and that is all any mother can ask for. 

*For those of you wondering how much a visit to a nutritionist costs in Mexico...we paid 100 pesos.  (That's less than 10 U.S. dollars!)

School is cool and I'm a bad mother...

Up until last week, I have never had any problems with the children's school.  The school is involved in a number of programs that benefit the students.  The most recent program, involved taking the children to the local hospital for a check-up, free of charge. 

Doctors offices and hospitals don't require that parents take the children for regular check-ups.  Parents usually only take their kiddies to the doctor when their sick.  Or if they've broken something.

Last week, all of the children were taken to the local hospital to be weighed, measured and given a thorough examination.

Sounds great, right?


It turns out that I am a terrible mother.

Ashley was diagnosed with caries (cavities).  Which was a complete shock to me, because ever since Jack's cavity, I have been obsessively checking the kids' teeth.  But just to be safe, I took Ashley to see Tio Manny.  Turns out that Ashley did have a cavity, but it's been taken care of!

So, things aren't too bad.

But wait, it gets worse.  Much worse.

Nick brought home his diagnosis today.  And I just about fell to the floor when I read it.

Desnutricion! (Malnutrition.)

Yes, my son is pretty skinny.  He's 10 years old and weighs 30 kilos.  (That's about 66 pounds.)  Yes, he's a very picky eater.  But he's also an asthmatic and this year he's had some real problems with his asthma.  I'm not making excuses, I'm just trying to clarify a few things.

So why do I feel like I've been sucker-punched?  I love to cook!  And I'm really good at it.  There is always a wide variety of delicious food on our table.  Problem is, all Nick seems to want is hamburgers, spaghetti and pizza.  

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can fatten up my son?