You like me! You really like me!

During my absence from Blogland, I received not one, but TWO blog awards.  The first was given to me by Clementina of A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate.  If you're looking for good ol' fashioned Mexican food, Clementina has some great recipes.  Reading her blog is like reading one of my favorite books, "Como Agua Para Chocolate" (Like Water For Chocolate).

The second award was given to me by one of my newest friends, Kerry of Butler Way.

Kerry and her hubby Paul blog about everything.  They also post daily pics of the results of their recent weight loss.  And best of all, they think I'm an interesting person and wrote a post all about me.  (They have excellent taste!)   

Both of these awards require that I write 7 to 10 things that not many people know about me.

It's easier said than done. 

10 things you may not know about me...
  1. I had a brother, but he passed away before I was born. (He fell out of his crib and broke his neck.  This is reason Numero Uno why I never put my kiddies to sleep in a crib.)
  2. I was 13 years old the last time I saw my dad.  And he didn't even say 'Hi".
  3. I spent a lot of my childhood in bars, casinos and bowling alleys.  (My mom was a bartender and often took me to work with her.)
  4. I was expelled from school when I was in the 3rd grade, because my mom punched the principal.  (She thought it only fair, since his son knocked out my two front teeth with his foot!)
  5. My first crush was on Donny Osmond!  I even had the Donny Osmond doll that came with a silver microphone that you could stick in his hand. 
  6. I was thisclose to being adopted when I was 10.
  7. I had to relearn Spanish when I was 11.  I completely forgot it after living in Texas for 3 years.
  8. I was a cheerleader in Junior High.
  9. I have psychic dreams.  (I will tell you all about them one of these days!)
  10. I am currently trying to lose some of my excess weight.  And I'm even documenting the process on another blog.  
So, what are some things that I don't know about you? 



  1. We do! We do! We do!


    Lots of good stories in that top 10 list. . . We have some in common.


  2. Splains a lot of things

  3. Of course we like you, we <3 you!

  4. MEXICAN TRAILRUNNER: I hope you'll share exactly which ones we have in common.

    ANONYMOUS: I'm glad I was able to explain things for you. Your comments are always so positive and uplifting! :)

    MAMA OF 4: Thank you! :)

  5. Yes, we like you, Leslie! What do you need to know about me???? I NEVER received blog awards. Sob.

  6. Yes, we do LOVE your blogs, and man oh man I'd die to try some of your home cooking!!!

    That is SO sad about your brother....

    Something you don't know about me?? Hmm... I learned English when I was 5, but was born and raised in Canada!! LOL!!!

  7. First off this blog awards thing is new to me, Bob told me he gave me one but then when I went back to thank him I cant find the particular comment, how do I find where he "gave the award" is it a post of just a sign?
    And of course we all love your blogs and I love your top 10 what a great idea. Good to get to know you more.

  8. how cool! and very well deserved i love your blogs.

  9. Hi Leslie, I come via Bob's blog. He said you had a new blog and so I came to visit. Am I in the right place? You have an excellent blog. When someone blogs about food, I love it. I love Clementina as well. She always has great posts when she posts. Well I better go, just popped in to say hello and I will be back . Take care.

  10. GLORIA: Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by! You are in the right place. This blog is all about my life in Mexico. And I have a recipe blog that you can find at

  11. Fascinating facts, Leslie! George has similar dreams, and eerily they come true in some form or other. I would love to hear about them.

  12. Hola, Chica!
    Yes, I like you, I really like you!
    (Psst: I had a crush on Donny Osmond, too, but I cringe whenever I think about it!)