Teacher Update...

The 4th grade moms were once again called into a meeting this morning.  But this time it was with the new teacher. 

Today's meeting was so different from last week's train wreck.

At the end of every bimestre, the parents (mostly the moms) meet with the teacher to discuss the child's progress, sign report cards and to see if the teacher has any complaints. 

One of the new teacher's first tasks was to grade the 4th Bimestre exams.  She was shocked to see that students who were normally getting 9's and 10's (A's) scored as low as 6 on the exam.  She then explained that it was more than obvious that the children had been without a teacher for almost a month.  So she averaged their test scores with the grades from last bimestre  and was pretty fair in dealing out the grades.  (I say fair because Nick still has straight 10's!)  

The new teacher also reassured all of us that she was going to do her very best with our children, because she understands (and appreciates) the sacrifice that we are making by paying her out of our own pockets.

It feels very good to know that our children are being cared for by someone who cares about their education.



  1. I didn't realize you still had to pay her out of your pockets! I'm not going to complain about the cutback on supplies at my daughters school!

  2. Glad it came to a good ending; although having to pay out of pocket is not a good thing; but is better than what was happening.

  3. That seems a little crazy- but maybe that is just the way it is. If I had a peso for everytime I said that sentance I would be rich. I am glad to hear that it has gotten a better resolution then the last junta.

  4. Paying out of your own pockets?? Man oh man.... but I guess you can't put a price on education, can you?? Glad it seems to be working out for you amiga :)

  5. In Oregon, the parents would have hired a lawyer. In your school, the parents hired a teacher. I much prefer your resolution.

  6. Wow, I missed that post about the absent teacher. and ONE month without a teacher -- how does this happen??!

    Good to hear a new teacher is in the classroom!

  7. So are they still going to work on having them refund you all. Well Im glad he will at least be getting his education now.