Happy Mother's Day!

No, I'm not a day late. Mother's Day in Mexico is ALWAYS celebrated on May 10th.

This year, Jack participated in the Mother's Day Festival at his Jardin de Niños (Kindergarten).  His class danced to the song "El Baile de los Juguetes" by Cri-Cri.   Jack was very cute in his cat costume that I made for him.

I did videotape his performance to share with everyone.


As luck would have it, when I came home to play the video for Hubby and my in-laws, all I got was a big "ERROR!"  I really hope that I don't experience this same problem tomorrow with Ashley's performance. 

I hope all of my mommy friends had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Now, I leave you with the only video that I was able to salvage from that day. 



  1. very nice. i hope you had a wonderful mother's day. too bad about the video but at least you tried.

  2. Adorable!! Loving the costime.

    Happy Mothers Day!