Jack Goes to the Dentist...

A lot of people NOB (North of the Border) always ask me what medical and dental costs are like in Mexico.  Well, I'm not really the right person to ask.

Take for instance, Jack's first cavity.

My poor little boy woke up one Sunday morning, crying and complaining of a toothache.  We (Hubby and I), being expert parents, checked to see what was going on in Jack's mouth and discovered that Jack had a cavity.

I immediately gave Jack some chewable Tempra and applied a couple of cold compresses to relieve his pain.  All the while, reassuring Jack that all would be fine.  After all, one of Hubby's brothers is a dentist.  (Aren't we lucky?) 

First thing Monday morning, Hubby told his brother about Jack's cavity.  My kind cuñado (brother-in-law) said that he could squeeze Jack in that afternoon.  (Cool!  No appointment necessary!)

Jack and I made the long walk over to my mother-in-law's house, 3 houses away from mine.  Did I mention that my brother-in-law's dental office is right above my in-law's home?  Well, it is!

When we got to the waiting room, I saw that my bro-in-law was still busy with one of his patients.  It really wasn't a problem.  We could and would wait as long as necessary.

BUT...I popped my head into the other dentist's office to say "HI" to our dear family friend, who my kiddies have adopted as an honorary uncle.  (Yes, there are two dentist working above my in-law's home!)

Uncle Manny, asked if Jack was with me.  To which I answered, "Sí".  Manny then insisted that I take Jack to him so that he could take care of Jack's cavity.

What an interesting predicament!  Two dentist vying for the chance to care for Jack's cavity.

My bro-in-law popped his head out of his office for a second and nodded in approval as we headed to Manny's consultorio.

Jack sat in THE CHAIR and listened attentively as his Uncle Manny explained what he was going to do.

I was 10 years old when I first went to the dentist and I was scared to death.  But Jack was so brave!  He didn't cry, complain or even whimper.

My brother-in-law popped into Manny's office to see how things were doing.  Then Hubby joined in on the fun.

I think the whole procedure took about 15 minutes, maybe 20.

Okay, so you're probably wondering how much it actually cost.  But you see, this where I am of no help at all because it was FREE!

Living in Mexico has some advantages!



  1. Lucky you, but really its not that bad price wise even compared to the incomes here. But gee free is always the best and having it be someone the kids are so comfortable with is even better. Glad Jack is feeling better.

  2. Glad things worked out so quickly!

    Haven't been to a Mexican dentist, but it's def time for a checkup.

  3. That's great, I hope Jack grows up having his dental work done by someone he knows and trusts, it will make all the difference in his attitude about dentists. Hope Uncle Manny gave him the talk about brushing his teeth.

  4. "Lucky, lucky you!", said the woman who's paid thousands to her dentist.

  5. What great luck for you! Happy SITS Satruday Sharefest~ have a great weekend!

  6. Oh amiga I think it's always great for the parent when they have a family member who can do it, but for the kid? Not so great!! My aunt was my dentist for MANY years back home. This also meant I was lectured about not drinking pop when I was younger, caffeine in my teens, and wine in my 20s!!! Are you kidding me? Jaja - just kidding, it was also great when I wanted my teeth bleached for free :)

  7. That is one scary pic! I purchased a domain name today from Blogger. That's see how that progresses.

  8. Lots of talk about health care costs in other countries. MY ex is Canadian and we lived there for years. Despite what you read in the press the health care was GREAT! And my experience living in other countries in sub-Saharan Africa and now Egypt is that you can always find good medical care for a nominal fee. I don't know why Americans are so unwilling to consider other options. I guess they are happy to pay SO much money for the luxury of only a few getting good coverage. Go figure---it's beyond my understanding.