Hello, Kitty...

My new kitty is having an identity crisis!

At first sight of this orange bundle of joy, my kiddies were reminded of Garfield, the cute, round, cartoon cat.  I joked with the kiddies, that as long as I didn't have to make the cat any lasagna, they could name him Garfield.

But hours later, they decided that he looked more like a cheese puff, so they named him Cheetoh.

Nick decided to take it one step further and name the cat after the Cheetoh's cat, so his name was now Chester Cheetoh.  But that name didn't really sit well with me, because it also happens to be my dad's name.  Something about naming pets after family members just doesn't seem right! 

Hubby had a hard time keeping up with all of the names, so he just started calling the cat Naranjita.  (Naranja is the Spanish word for Orange.)

The names just kept changing.  For a short while, he was also called Mandarina (Tangerine), Cheddar, Nacho and Fanta.

So, here we are 2 days later and we still haven't decided on a name for our kitty.  Any suggestions? 

Update:  The kiddies finally decided to call him Chimi, which is short for Chimichurri.  



  1. We had a cat that my daughter found years agod and he looked just like your little guy. We named him Skippy (like peanut butter). It fits.

  2. I like Naranjito (it's a boy, right?) But it's too long, you'll end up with a nickname anyway. In this photo he DOES look a little baffled.

  3. Ooooo Fanta! That's clever :) I also like Naranjita, even if it's a bit long.

    Just to clarify: Is your dad just named Chester, or is his full name, in fact, Chester Cheetoh?

  4. I don't like to name animals after people either. However, I thought he looked just like a baby Garfield. I tend to give unimaginative names to my animals, my orange marmalade cat was named Rust E.L. Gato but we called him Rusty. I love Fanta as a name, easy to call out and very clever. You could always do a poll, just for fun.

  5. PAUL & ROBIN: I actually suggested Peanut Butter and Butterscotch as possible names. But the kiddies had a list of their own! :)

    GRINGATION: LOL! I wish my dad's full name was Chester Cheetoh. I probably wouldn't have gotten teased as much! :)

    THERESA: Rust E.L. Gato is such a cute name. The kiddies are still deliberating over the name. But atleast they narrowed the choices down to Garfield and Fanta.

  6. I like the Spanish name! Pretty! But do cats respond to their names anyway? Maybe they can just thrill in giving it a different name everyday!

  7. I like nacho! cute kitty!!

    we have given you an award :) go grab it from our blog.


  8. Garfield is too predictable. How about Pumpkin?
    Happy SITS Saturday Fest by the way.

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day! Returning the favor! I think the 'right' name will come to you guys after spending time with the little guy.

  10. How about OJ? I mean, you could say he's sweet like orange juice!

    OH, or if you like "The Simpsons" (they're kind of orange too) you could name him after that...

    OR you could combine those two great things and name him OJ Simp... nevermind.

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  12. I like Nacho El Gabacho.

    I stopped by to wish you a Feliz dia de las Madres!

  13. What about chepe? Common nickname here, still using the 'ch' from before.

  14. What a cutie... He looks alot like my Wally when he was a kitty!