Febrero Loco (Crazy February)

Forgive me friends and readers, for I have slacked.  It has been 9 days since my last post. Nine days!  To some, it might not seem like a long time, but in Blogland it can seem like an eternity.  There are no excuses, but hopefully this post will help to explain.

Have you ever heard the expression "April Showers bring May Flowers"?  In Mexico we have a similar phrase that says, "Febrero loco y Marzo otro poco" (February is crazy and March is even more so).

Well, February 2010 started out completely insane.  Winters in Jalisco can be cold.  And are usually dry.  But not this February.  No, this month started with strong winds, gray clouds and non-stop rain for 5 days.  And just so you understand, rain in winter is very rare weather for where I live. 

The rain, wind and cold temperatures were so bad, that the schools told the kids that it was okay to stay home from school until the weather let up a bit.  Hubby and I were ecstatic with that decision because neither one of us wanted to take an icy cold shower when loading the kiddies into the truck and then again when dropping them off at school.  No, thank you!

To keep warm, I baked and cooked all day, every day, and had a never-ending supply of hot tea, hot cocoa and cafe con leche.  The kids were curled up on the couch with a mountain of blankets, watching their favorite cartoons and movies.

I was completely prepared for this type of situation.

But one thing caught me off guard...Cabin Fever!

I have no problem staying at home with Hubby and the kiddies. I actually prefer it to almost anything.  But something about not being able to go anywhere without getting wet and probably catching my death from a cold really got to me.  I felt restless.  Like a caged lion.  I couldn't focus or concentrate.  I couldn't sit still either, not even in front of my beloved computer.   There were moments when all I wanted to do was sleep, and then there were nights that I couldn't sleep at all.  

And as the dreary days passed, I felt more and more depressed.  Ugh!  That dreaded D-word is not part of my vocabulary.  But it was how I was feeling.

Can five days of terrible weather really do that to a person?

I'm just happy that there was a cure for my ailment...SUNSHINE!  Friday, we were blessed with beautiful, warm sunshine.  I stepped outside to admire the gorgeous blue sky and to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.  Oh! It was heavenly!  And I noticed that many of my neighbors were doing the exact same thing.

Maybe I wasn't the only who had experienced a slight case of Cabin Fever!

With Love,


  1. This is my first winter in the city, for around 7 years we were living in the mountains. It was so beautiful when it snowed, but I stayed inside cause it was so cold, and the snow melted and turned our red dirt into clay dirt!! My dad would come down and open the window and tell tifani oh my goodness you see that, thats called outside!! He is such a smarty pants, makes me wish things were different with him, and that I could live there still!
    anyway, my mother in law lives in Huejucar, she said it's very cold. I'm hoping they get there passports done, so they can come for Tifani's Party Next month!!!

  2. We had to escape to Puerto Escondido where it is in the low 80's daytime and low 70's at night - terrific sunny days. Then last night we had a mild earthquake here ;-0

    All is well this morning 76F and sunny at 7 AM ;-)

    Wish y'all were here.

  3. This is how George felt when he first moved to Ohio -- like a caged lion in winter! In the twenty years since, he's become accustomed to winter (I say that as I throw salt over my shoulder lol). Me, on the other hand, could be cooped up inside for weeks and never tire of it! I'm a little strange, I guess! haha. Yesterday it was 3 degrees fahrenheit in the morning when I took the kids to school! I guess I'm an Ohioan thru and thru. Another storm rolling in today with an expected foot or more of snow to fall. :)

  4. i hear ya! In Cancun in January, temps got much lower than normal, combined with lots of rain! I know it wasn't THAT cold... but the houses here are built to feel fresh and breezy... great in the summer, but not great on a windy, rainy January day.

    Still, my hometown in the States has had many inches of snow in the past 2 or 3 months, so I'm counting my blessings.

  5. Yes, my dear, the lack of sunshine will do that to you, it is called Seasonal Affect Disorder. We moved to Michigan 2 days before Christmas and by Easter I told hubby we were driving south until we found some sunshine even if we didn't eat for a week. Sunday morning found me sitting on a picnic table in my bathrobe watching the sun come up. We moved back to Kansas 18 months later. The lack of sunshine makes me CRAZY. Judy

  6. Of all the winters I've spent here in Gdl, this one's definitely been the coldest and rainiest... but then I'm sure I said that last year too... and the year before that... but this last rain just tore us up, streets.. shocks.. everything.
    I didn't get one chance to stay home and relax during the whole mess.. but the sun coming out on thursday was as you put it.. it was heavenly..
    You should come to Gdl.. you'd find work very easily I think. In fact - I think I have some of your missing students from Yahualica :p ...

  7. We've had a wet winter so far here in Mazatlán, too, but for the most part our days are sunny and warm. Having lived most of my life in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I totally dig having the sun shine every day. Every once in a while I do long for one of those times to curl up with a cup of cocoa... sounds like you enjoyed yourself even though it went on a bit too long!

  8. MO: The way your dad is with Tiffany reminds me of my suegro. After the rain stopped, he came over to tell the kids to go outside. That they had been cooped up inside for way too long! ;)

    CALYPSO: I am so jealous of your little getaway. But we have had a few days of sunshine.

    MISSY: I really don't mind staying home, but I do enjoy my multiple jaunts to the local tiendita. It may only be a couple of houses down, but it is a walk out in the fresh air.

    JUDY: Being a Southern California native, the lack of sun drives me crazy too! I feel so rejuvenated when the sun finally comes out! :D

    NEIGHBOR: Well howdy there, Neighbor! (Sorry, I couldn't help my self!) I've said the same thing about the cold winters for a few years now, but this one with the rain, took the cake. I have vowed to never, ever complain about the heat again!

    NANCY: Luckily, we've had some sunshine the past couple of days, just no warmth. But curling up with a cup of cocoa is deliciously satisfying! :D

  9. MAN oh MAN it SO was not this cold last year! Last year was my first winter here and I remember it being 72F on Christmas Day and thinking "This is SO cool." LOL it has been a yucky winter here but it DOES make you crazy greatful when the sun comes out again! Maybe we just needed a reminder of what to be Thankful for :)

  10. Leslie - if I ever get caught in a winter storm every again...can you please be there to bake delicious things to keep me warm!!??!!! Everything you make always sounds sooo delicious, and I am now craving something sweet!!!

    Glad you are getting sunshine, and like gringacancun mentioned...there has been a cold front everywhere this year!! What's going on??!! Keep warm, and hope the sun stays!!!