Oh, Happy Day!

I'm so happy.  Even giddy!  I feel like screaming from the rooftops!  But I'm afraid of heights, so I'll have to shout it from this blog. 

Drum roll, please....

I have a fully functioning stove and oven!

It wasn't easy.  We talked to our regular stove guy and he suggested that the problem wasn't the with the stove.  Our problem was most likely a problem with the gas lines.

We talked to the gas guys and they didn't think the problem was with the gas lines.  And they suggested we get a new stove.

This was all very frustrating to me.  I was having baking withdrawals.

Hubby wiggled and jiggled parts here and there when he could.  But we had a very busy week at the shop.

Just when I was about to give up hope, one of Hubby's customers stopped by to schedule some work for his truck.  In passing, the customer mentioned that he fixed stoves and ovens.  Suddenly, I felt like I was floating on cloud nine. (Or maybe it was cloud ten!)

Hubby and his customer agreed that Hubby would work on the man's truck seat, while he fixed my stove.  But I would have to wait until after the weekend.  Strangely, I was okay with that!

Long story short, the new oven man removed a few parts from the stove, lit a few matches and declared that there was nothing wrong with my stove or oven.  He said that problem was probably the pressure regulator on our stationary propane gas tank.  So, he and Hubby climbed up on the roof and replaced it.

And voila!  I have a working stove and oven with huge flames.  Honestly, my "old" flames were so low, it took about 30 minutes to boil a cup of water.

I made lunch today in a record breaking 30 minutes.  What a great feeling!

My only problem now, is that I have to relearn to cook with a stronger flame.  But, I'm not complaining!

With Love,


  1. Welcome to the world of fast cooking. Glad to hear this tale had a happy ending

  2. it will take some getting used to. I love flame and I am stuck with a glass top electric right now. Another reason I cannot wait to move to Mexico, I can have an outdoor stove with flame. But, propane flame is weak what I really love is natural gas. Talk about fast food...

  3. Previous comment on this subject withstanding. Always good to fix rather than replace - congrats amiga! I had to wish for your safety over my natural inclination to fix - but you hung in there.

    The guapa Senora Calypso just baked a pumpkin pie yesterday (in the convection micro-wave actually ;-) Yum.

  4. Congrats on getting your oven fixed!I know how it feels to be without a stove...had to go without for 2 weeks when I moved. Sucks!

    Hey, I tagged you today, come by.

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  6. haha that's funny because after your last post I thought your "oven is working" was more kids. hahaha...but I'm glad you can start cooking again since that's what you enjoy. I don't like cooking much, but I tried some of your recipes. I tried the Chilaquiles and the Buñuelos. Thanks for sharing. Oh and hubby was quite impressed too.

  7. that is great news. Carry on cooking lol.

  8. So happy to hear about your stove! Congratulations and have fun baking lots and lots of cookies!! LL

  9. Yeah for a working stove and oven. And yeah for strong flames!

  10. Oh yeah, that Brady Bunch video made my day!