Who on Earth is Carmen Miranda?

When I was younger, my grandmother owned a large console that housed a record player.  (For those of you born after 1975, I suggest you Google it!) 

Gramm had quite a collection of records.  Everything from Nat King Cole to Burl Ives, with a few Lawrence Welk records sprinkled throughout.  (I swear I'm only 35 years old!)  One of my favorite records included a song that I loved to sing and dance to..."Mamá Yo Quiero" by Carmen Miranda

I would sing that song for days!  And I was pretty good.  My impersonation of Carmen Miranda was up to par with Lucille Ball(I never missed a rerun of  "I Love Lucy".)  My love of that song followed me to High School.  I could always get a laugh from my friends by singing that song.

But after marriage and kiddies, Carmen Miranda and her song, almost disappeared from my memory.

Until this morning.

In need of inspiration for their Christmas wishlists, Hubby and I took the kiddies window shopping to every toy store in town. 

We saw bicycles, stuffed animals, trainsets, miniature baby strollers, boardgames, and baby dolls that laugh, cry, sneeze and/or poop.

While my kiddies ran from toy to toy, screaming "Mamá, yo quiero", which is Spanish for "Mom, I want", I noticed that all of the children in the toy store were screaming the same thing..."Mamá, yo quiero!"

With so many chants of  "Mamá, yo quiero", I was reminded of my favorite childhood song, that I have been happily singing all day.

Who knew that Christmas shopping could be so fun!

With Love,
Leslie Limon

*Let's see if I can learn something new today.  I'm going to try to post a video from YouTube.  I hope it works!

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  1. Thanks Leslie! Wow, that really brought back memories ;)

  2. How hysterical! We used to watch I Love Lucy and everytime Ricky would get mad at Lucy, my sister and I would crack up and say to each other "He sounds just like Pop!"

  3. Too good, Leslie! Thanks for the memories and laughs.
    I was raised in Hawaii, one time when I was a kid, my mom and I were walking Waikiki beach and watching a couple frolicking in the waves.
    When they got out of the surf, we were flabbergasted to see it was a very white, paunchy, and BALD Ricky Ricardo with the lovely Lucy and her flame colored red hair. What a treat!

  4. Leslie, this is the first post of yours I have read, and you won me over! I ADORE I Love Lucy! I have seen every episode! My family all refers to me as Lucy. I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)

  5. Before I finished reading your post I was hoping you would tape yourself doing the song,but I will settle for Lucy. Also can you explain the doll pooping thing. I knew they had peeing ones ,but poop how yucky!!! I've been following your blog awhile. I enjoy how you tell about raising your family in Mexico. I have an 11 year old son and we have been to Mexico with him several times. We have talked about one day possibly living in Mexico so I'm learning alot from you. If you ever want to share your inner Carmen Miranda with your blogger world feel free. Fondly Jan in Mississippi

  6. BOB: I agree, this brought back many happy memories!

    THERESA: My hubby sounds just like Ricky Ricardo!

    MEG: Welcome to the Limon Family Blog! My family and friends have compared my life to "I Love Lucy", being that I'm married to a gorgeous Latino, and usually a redhead!

    JAN: If I were to post a video of my singing, I might just lose the few readers I have! But you never know...I might surprise everyone someday!

    REFRIED: I love it too!

    STEVE: Glad to return the favor!

  7. LOL - As soon as I saw the title, do you know, that is the first thing I thought of, that episode of I Love Lucy. That was my only point of reference for Carmen Miranda. LOL.