The Truth About the Tooth Fairy

One thing Hubby and I agreed on before having children was that we wanted them to embrace both their Mexican and American cultures. 

With holidays, we celebrate both cultures beliefs. We celebrate Halloween and Dia de Muertos.  For Christmas they receive gifts from both Santa Claus and El Niño Dios (The Baby Jesus). 

But in some instances, we've had to choose one or the other.  Such is the case with The Tooth Fairy.

As a child, I believed that whenever I lost a tooth, a beautiful and magical fairy flew into my bedroom at night. The lovely Tooth Fairy would gently remove my tooth from under my pillow and leave a crisp dollar bill in it's place. 

When Hubby was a child, he too, would leave his tooth under the pillow, but not for some strange, winged creature to take.  Hubby left his tooth for a mouse.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Tooth Fairy in Mexico is a MOUSE!  He is referred to as El Raton de los dientes (The Tooth Mouse).  In some Latin American countries, El Raton de los dientes is also known as El Raton Perez (There's even a cute little movie about him.)

Hubby and I never discussed which of the two would visit our children.  

Since we were already living in Mexico when our children began losing their dientes de leche (baby teeth), it seemed that the obvious choice was El Raton de los dientes.  And we were all content with that idea...until today.

Ashley, my 7 year old, lost her first baby tooth today.  We rinsed off her tooth and placed it in a cute little box that my dentist brother-in-law gave her.  Then we asked her if she was excited about El Raton de los dientes coming to visit tonight.  She looked at us for a second, then explained that El Raton visits boys and El Hada de los dientes (The Tooth Fairy) visits little girls.  

Well, duh!!! Now why didn't I think of that? 

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Good cute story ... but damned how inflation has sets in. I was lucky to get 10-25 cents but I'm older (much older). Sadly I think my parents thought I was too old towards the end and many teeth went unpaid ... or maybe I just figured out the puzzle and it was no longer fun for them

  2. JUBILADO: You'd be surprised at how much teeth go for these days! We have learned, from our children and our nieces and nephews that the first tooth, which is considered a collector's item, goes for about 50 pesos. The other teeth cost anywhere from 10 to 20 pesos. Molars, are also expensive, they are worth 20 to 40 pesos. I'm glad we only have 4 kiddies! :D

  3. I only recently learned about the tooth mouse! I almost spoiled the whole story for my nephew I was laughing so hard. I then had to explain that in the US a fairy comes, but down here her mouse friend takes care of it. He was about to go up to the states and had a few teeth loose, so then my husband jumped in with "oh, you're lucky! The tooth fairy they've got up there pays way more for teeth. And she pays in dollars instead of pesos. You'd better hope your teeth fall our while you're up there!" hahaha... poor kid! Who knows what he thinks now!

  4. Cute story, REALLY cute kid.
    Can't believe the price of a tooth these days.
    Good post!

  5. Smart girl!

    My daughter had to have 3 teeth pulled before she was 2 and we knew she was too young to understand the toothe fairy so we just held on to the teeth until her older brother lost his first one. That was 4 months ago and by then baby girl was 3.5. She got paid for her first 3 ($1 each, as they were pulled) and her got $5 for his prized first tooth. Then he went and lost another the following day. The tooth fairy was busy that weekend:)

  6. So Funny Leslie I like that idea. I'm afraid that the idea of a mouse coming into her bed might some day scare Alana so we might go with Ashleys story. What Vadosa said is hilarious. I think had I found out in front of a child my shock may have given something away also. lol

  7. I just found out about the tooth son was playing with the neighbor kid and they got into a tiff that resulted in an already loose tooth falling out (the neighbor kid's tooth). Gael's grandmother was very kind about the incident and laughed that the tooth mouse would be coming tonight. Of course the word for mouse is "raton" I had visions of a rat sneaking into the room and yanking teeth from the mouths of sleeping children.

  8. I remember that time when I brought my daughter to the dentist's in Mount Pleasant. They were talking about the tooth fairy, and some Perez person. I didn't know that they were talking about the Mexican tooth fairy! Thanks for sharing this. Now I can relate. The dentist at the Mount Pleasant dental clinic was a good guy, and an awesome dentist, too!

  9. That was too funny! I remember talking asking my husband about what happens in Mexico when a child looses a tooth and he told me........ "we just stick it in a hole in the wall" i was like, "wha?????? a hole? in the wall?" i looked at him all crazy and tried to explain the tooth fairy, he looked at me crazy and that was the end of our discussion. guess we are going to have to have another conversation to clarify what happens seeing as our son is getting older. =)

  10. I almost blew this one last week. Erika got two teeth pulled at the dentist's office and she got $5 for each one since they were pulled and it was so painful for her. The money got slipped into her tooth fairy box and then the teeth were deposited into a little wooden box sitting on my dresser since it was late at night and I was tired. Well darn if that snoopy little girl didn't open up the box two days later, after I'd forgotten about it, and told me that the tooth fairy didn't exist because I had her teeth. So then I had to come up with a story that I had purchased them from the tooth fairy because I wanted to plant her teeth in our flower garden to give it some fairy magic. Sheesh, the things we go through for our kids. And I still have one more kid to get through in a few more years!