A Handmade Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...especially at my house!  I realize that there isn't a holiday that I don't like, but I truly love Christmas: the music, the decorations, peace on earth and good will towards men.

We always wait until the day after Revolution Day to decorate, even though I have been singing Christmas carols since Dia de Muertos.

This year, Hope and Nick put up the tree, with a little help from Ashley and Jack.  (I helped a little too, with the lights.) 

I believe that Christmas memories are made, not bought.  So of course, most of my decorations are handmade.  Here, the felt stockings are hung by the felt chimney with care.

My Santa Claus wreath greets visiting friends and family.

Not wanting Santa to feel alone, we also have his wife Mrs. Claus.  Thanks to this episode of El Chavo del 8, my children refer to Mrs. Claus as Mary...Mary Christmas! 

Even the ornaments on our tree are handmade.  (So is the tree skirt in the first pic.)

These paintings are the oldest of our Christmas crafts.  I drew the scenes on scraps of wood from Hubby's shop and the kiddies did the painting. 

My favorite of all is the true meaning of Christmas.  May we all be mindful that Jesus is the reason for the season!

With Love,
Leslie Limon



  1. One of the things that I envy with you Leslie is the interaction of family!

    I especially become morose during the holidays, knowing that had my family still been around I would be involved in dispensing goggles or holiday cheer.
    People with family are so lucky, and often so lacking in understanding the bounty they have until they no longer have it.

  2. What a beautiful post about what Christmas is truly about! This is my first Christmas in Mexico, so I'm laying low and observing things this year, like the other Mexican holidays. Maybe next year I'll be able to participate and prepare something myself.

  3. Leslie - what a great post!!! I loooove Christmas... not just the presents, but for all the same reasons you listed!! I come from a very traditional european family and the traditions that we have I will never let die.... It can only get better mixed with the mexican traditions!!!

    I wish I was creative like you, but I"m not and your place looks FANTASTIC!!

    Oh and adorable kids by the way!!

  4. love love love it. You know Im all about the handmade stuff to. I love the chimney what a great idea. Maybe not for this year but when we have more room I am deff using that one. ;)

  5. Just love the photos! I am the same way, everything is as handmade as it can get. Leslie, I baked 4 dozen cookies this morning in my new oven. WHOOOHOOOO! LL

  6. Nice post. This Christmas will be one of the first in a long time where I will spend it with my full family. I hope this will be a Christ-filled time for you and your family.

  7. Oooooh! your post makes me want to jump up, and craft!!!! (I love the fireplace!) And what's even better, is that you did it all with the kiddos. Family time and love... everything that XMAS should REALLY be about. Thanks for posting this! Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Leslie,
    Your brood reminds me of my own family when we were kids growing up. We didn't have a lot of money but there were four of us kids and we had a wonderful Mom and Dad like you and your husband. I still have some of the ornaments that my Ma made out of matchsticks and egg cartons and "glitter" and cut up old Christmas cards, etc. They were the best Christmases ever!

  9. Ahh Leslie! What a beautiful home you have created. I love the fireplace! What a cool idea. Tonight we will decorate and like you much is homemade. I too think it is even more special that way.