5 Rituals for a Happy New Year

If I've said it once, I've said it more than a dozen times...Mexico is rich in tradition!  And New Year's Eve isn't the exception.  In Mexico, people believe that the way you start the New Year dictates how your life will be during the entire year. The following are just a few of the most popular traditions/rituals that are supposed to guarantee a Happy New Year.

Red Underwear:  Are you hoping to improve your love life in 2010?  If so, then you MUST wear a pair of red undies on New Year's Eve.  They must be new and they must be a gift you received from someone.  If you buy your own red underwear, you will be unlucky in love all year long.  If you're not looking for love, but looking for health or wealth, the same rules apply, wear yellow undies for wealth and green undies for health.

12 Grapes:  At the stroke of midnight you must eat one grape per stroke. (12 strokes equals 12 grapes.)  With each grape that you eat, you must make a wish.  If you are successful in eating your 12 grapes and making your 12 wishes, your wishes will be granted throughout the New Year.

Pack a suitcase: If you're looking to travel in 2010, then pack a suitcase.  Fill your suitcase with the clothes that represent where you would like to travel.  Want to go to the beach?  Pack a few bikinis! At the stroke of midnight, take your packed suitcase outside your front door and leave it there until the last stroke of midnight. 

Sweep your house: At the stroke of midnight, grab your broom and sweep from the inside of your home, out the front door.  By sweeping everything out the door, it is believed that you are sweeping away all of the bad to make room for all that is new and good. 

Money in your wallet/purse: It is believed that if you start the New Year with money in your wallet or purse, you will be financially secure throughout the year.  So stop by the ATM on your way to your New Year's Eve party and fill your wallet with a few bills!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  

With love and lots of hugs,
Leslie Limon


  1. Cute but hard do all those things within 12 strokes ;)

  2. We have been told that since we were kids, and I love it! I have been thoroughly cleaning my house today and will continue tomorrow so I can start the year with a clean house and hopefully keep it clean all year :)

  3. i was going to write what el jubilado said, so i will just say ditto ;-)

    cubans do the grape thing too and i also remember my mom throwing out a bucket of water at midnight. can't remember the exact meaning on that one but probably something like washing out the bad stuff and getting a fresh start in the new year. guess i need to ask my sister.

    had the pleasure of having lunch with steve cotton in salem today when my family and i were heading home from eugene. it was great seeing him again.

    hope you and your family have a new year filled with happiness, love and good health.

    les deseo todo lo mejor para el ano 2010.

    teresa la cubana de lake stevens, wa.

  4. That's SO disappointing about the underwear. Who am I going to get to bestow a new pair of red unmentionables on me today? Actually I need the yellow even more. Maybe I'll take a friend to the store, we'll each buy a pair and swap!

  5. 1st mate: My sister-in-law told me about the undies thing the other day. We almost did stop at a stand to buy each other a pair!

  6. JUBILADO: My hubby's family is so big, that we spend a few minutes hugging everyone, so we never get around to doing any of the rituals.

    MAMA OF 4: That is one ritual I believe in! And with 4 kiddies, you know exactly what I mean. My house is spotless today and the laundry is done, so I'm hoping that means my house will be clean all year long and the laundry won't pile up! :D

    TERESA: I was looking forward to doing the grape thing this year, but I went to the market today and saw they cost 90 pesos for a kilo of grapes. They usually cost about 30 pesos. Maybe next year...if I remember to buy grapes a week before! :D

    Lunch with Steve? How lucky! And a great way to end 2009.

    Te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo lleno de amor y felicidad.

    1ST MATE: Swapping a new pair of unmentionables with a friend is a great idea. And if you're looking for both love and prosperity, wear both the red and yellow! :D

  7. Glad I found your Blog this year - I won't get into the ropa interior thing ;-)

    Happy New Year amiga!

  8. Any post that includes underwear, food, and cash catches my interest. Happy new year!

  9. CALYPSO: I too am glad that I found your blog. Starting this blog and discovering all the other expats in Mexico was one of the best things of 2009!

    STEVE: Those 3 topics do make for an interesting post!

  10. I should have read this before New Years because I was a little confused at times. lol
    These are fun traditions, I must say I don't remember if my house was cleaned but most likely because I have to keep my floor clean for Joslin.

  11. That is a lot of things to do at midnight. I just want to make-out!