One Fine Day

This weekend was a 3-day weekend.  This Friday, November 20th is the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.  But the Mexican government decided to go the American route and celebrate or "observe" the holiday the previous Monday.  Government offices, banks and schools were closed today.

We had no plans for this puente (3-day weekend).  Hubby worked on Saturday and we spent Sunday with my in-laws.  Our only plan for today was to spend a lazy day at home, maybe watch a movie or two.

Then my brother-in-law and his family stopped by to see if we wanted to join them on a picnic.  The plan was to do some sightseeing at a nearby town, then find someplace to enjoy our picnic.  (More about that town tomorrow!)  

Which we did.  We crossed a few bridges.

Saw some cows. (I heart Cows!)

And a horse riding down the road.

We finally stopped at a little resevoir called La Presa del Molino.

Beautiful!  Not an easy place to get to, but what a view.  We sat under a few huisaches (thorny trees), feasted on Pollo Rostisado (Rotisserie Chicken) and enjoyed the scenery, while the kiddies played.  We sat mesmerized watching the campesinos gather what looked to be hay.  (Click on the photo for a closer look.)

While we talked about the 450 year old church we had just visited, we began talking about the other towns and churches that were nearby.  A new plan was hatched!  We ended up visiting another 3 towns and their churches.  (More about all of them this week.)

What we thought was going to be a lazy day, turned into one magnificent day trip.  (We even crossed the State line.)  Don't you just love last-minute plans?  I do!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Really cute kids, Leslie! I agree, aren't day trips the best thing. Exploring this great country is my most very favorite thing to do.
    Good post.

  2. What a cool trip! And thank you for taking all the neat pictures! May I please say that I love Cows too!? I've got this weird mushy feeling tword them, they just seems so kind and sweet-eyed and nice somehow. (plus I always end up Moooooo'ing at them because I can't help it and then my husband wonders what planet I came from.) Cows. Good times yo. :P

    And did you give those cute kids bowl cuts? Nothing wrong with that at all, too cute indeed, I'm just sensing some mommy-bowl-action. :P

  3. A spontaneous adventure! The absolute best kind!

    RE: cows, what I love is to watch them running in a line when it's feeding time. And Brahmas. I guess they remind me of South Texas.

  4. What a nice day! And what adorable kids!

    You've inspired me to suggest a day trip next time my husband has a day off. :)

  5. Yes I think we need a day trip, We have to go to GDL soon for my FM2 but sometime after that we need to do some sight seeing around town. The baby is able to be slung onto the hip or Issacs shoulders now so we could do some walking around. ;)