Kitchen Sink Confessions

I have a confession to make, but you have to promise not to tell my husband or children. 

Promise?  Okay.

love to wash dishes!

I cook three meals a day, plus lunches for the kiddies to take to school, afternoon snacks and dessert.  All of this for 6 people.  The dirty dishes just pile up.  And not just dishes,  There's pots and pans, silverware, glasses and cups.  But, I don't mind.

Some might suggest that I make everyone wash their own dishes to lighten my load.  But why would I want to do a crazy thing like that? 

Let me let you in on another secret.  All moms need a break every now and then. 

The reason I take such joy in washing dishes is simple.  It is one of the only times of day that I have all to myself.

On the surface, I appear to be washing dishes.  But I like to take that time to clear my head.  Gather my thoughts.  Reflect on what has happened throughout the day.  Vent a few frustrations.  Pray.  Contemplate world events.  Plan the rest of my day.  Daydream.  Draft future blog posts.  I swear, I have my best ideas while standing at the kitchen sink. 

After a few minutes of washing dishes, I am refreshed.  Its the best therapy and meditation session all rolled into one.  Only it didn't cost me a dime.  Well, maybe I do spend a few pesos on liquid dish soap and hand moisturizer.  But its money and time well spent. 

Now remember...this is between you and me!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Leslie, I also enjoy washing dishes! Not as much for the time to myself, but because I see it as the sign of 'finishing the job' after cooking a meal...a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Not so much a dish washerer, but when stressed and overwhelmed I used to iron. It was a task that had a completion and lots of time to think also.

  3. I love doing laundry. Folding is the best part. I also enjoy washing all my fruits and vegetables. I think all their shapes, textures and colors all piled up in the drying rack is beautiful.

  4. such a simple chore and yet so true! For 17 years of my marriage I washed by hand... then we had the house fire and I was able to purchase a dishwasher! I have to say I don't miss washing, but reading your view of it refreshed me. Thanks Leslie!

  5. Pray Tell how your dishes look when you vent your frustrations?
    I would assume they are melamine or plastic?
    I not dislike washing, but in the process use too much water....I'll leave it to the professionals...

  6. Leslie - Lol I get it! I'm the same way when it comes to folding laundry :) I write a lot of blog posts in my head during that time - :P - and even jot down little notes so I don't forget! (I'm a dork, please keep my secret too) :P

  7. Thanks Leslie! You have now given me another suggestion for a way some of my clients can meditate. Don't worry I'll change your name :)

  8. Oh Leslie - I wish I enjoyed doing the dishes. I actually can't stand it, but I do get what you mean! I'm like Gringa - I like doing laundry... i do, even ironing. That's the same - I watch my own show, I have time to just "think"

  9. Somedays I like doing dishes....then other days....I dont! No rhyme or reason...just do some and dont some. Great blog entry!

  10. I used to live on a bluff over the Pacific, and from my kitchen window over the sink I could see whales sometimes. And sunsets.

    Not to complain, but dishwashing at the moment is an ordeal, because I can't use the kitchen sink in my new condo. I have to take my clothes off and wash dishes in the shower! Hopefully the plumber comes tomorrow (third time I'll have waited for him).

  11. Ugh, I am not fond of doing dishes... although i don't mind them as much as I used too. If you ever feel the need to do more, or would like to volunteer your services to feel a bit more "refreshed," you are always welcome at my house!

  12. LEAH: I also love that feeling of accomplishment after washing dishes.

    BABS: For all of us its something different.

    CHRISSY: The way I feel about laundry is how others feel about washing dishes. It is a necessary evil, but I don't take joy in it. Although, I know that I should.

    MISSY: I'm glad this post was able to refresh your memory! :D

    TANCHO: Ha-ha! When I vent my frustrations, I make sure that its while I'm washing pots and pans.

    GRINGA: I have a little notebook that I carry around with me where I write down every single idea that pops into my head.

    OMT: I know what you mean! I only like to fold laundry because I get to watch my shows!

    SUNSHINE: I like washing dishes. I may not always get them finished, but when I do, I love it!

    BLISS: If I had that sort of view, I'd stay at the kitchen sink all day.

    REFRIED: When I was a teen, I hated to wash dishes at home. But if I was at a friends house, I loved helping out! :D

  13. So I have to say Im more of a laundry person. But its because the laundry is outside. When I do the dishes I look outside and think that thats where I should be. I like the idea of using as a time to pray and think. Maybe that will make it more a pleasurable time for me. I think its something of the movements needed for laundry also that are relaxing. More large motor skills. ;) Again its so good to be back reading blogs, yours is always so uplifting. Thanks