Cañadas de Islas

Our last stop on the church tour was Cañadas de Islas, a large ranch community that belongs to Mexticacan, Jalisco.  The church itself is located high atop a hill that offers a spectacular view of the Mexican countryside.  Cañadas de Islas is a 20 minute drive from Yahualica, but there is an extra 10 minute ride to reach the church. 

At first sight, this church captivates you because it is so different from the more traditional churches around Mexico.  Have you ever seen a circular church?

Believe it or not, this church was built from start to finish, in 2 years.

The inside of the church is simply breathtaking.  My lil' camera doesn't do it justice.

The stained glass windows are made with the images of the Mexican Martyrs, hence the name El Templo de Los Martires.  Underneath their names is an image of the weapon used to kill them. (Click on the pictures for a closer look.)

Amongst the Mexican Martyrs are San Roman Adame, who was killed in Yahualica.  And San Toribio Romo, who baptized my hubby's grandmother.  (She discovered this fact a few years ago.)

If you're ever in Yahualica, be sure to visit El Templo de Los Martires.  Just remember to wear long pants, because "NO SHORTS ALLOWED".

Even the entrance/exit sign catches your eye.

I truly enjoyed our day trip.  It's hard to believe that of all the places we visited, we were never more than 45 minutes away from Yahualica.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Thanks Leslie,
    This is now definitely on my "Places to Visit" list!

  2. Bob, It is such a beautiful church. When you do come visit the church, be sure to give me a call.

  3. You are right, I have never seen a church like that in Mexico. Thanks for sharing, hope to visit Jalisco someday.

  4. What an amazing trip. I am so glad that you have gotten to see so many beautiful parts of this country. I was bummed out that I did not get to see you while you where in Tulum. Next time for sure okay!!

    I am glad that the trip has gone so well.

  5. What a great trip you had. Im loving reading about it. Im finally feeling much better and am spending my day catching up on blogs. Thanks for adding the pictures.

  6. Oh and there is a circular church between Tepa and El Valle we drive past often. But its kind creepy looking because there is this huge statue of the founder of the church. And I mean like huge its bigger than the building.

  7. Tulum Living: I love exploring this beautiful country. I would love to visit Tulum someday in the very distant future. However, it was a different Lesley that visited Tulum recently. Lesley Tellez of "The Mija Chronicles". You can find her at

    Amanda: I'm going to have to look for that church.