September has always been my favorite month of the year. It might have to do with the fact that it's my birth month. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but there is just something about September that I find fascinating.

Moving to Mexico only enhanced my fascination. In Mexico, September is referred to as Mes Patrio (Patriotic Month), because El Dia de Independencia is celebrated on the 16th. There are other national holidays celebrated as well, such as El Aniversario de Los Niños Heroes on September 13th and the legendary Grito de Dolores on the 15th.

September in Yahualica is a major event, known as Las Fiestas and is not to be missed. Its a huge party that lasts all month long!

The first celebration is on the first Sunday in September. There is a very large Peregrinacion (Pilgrimage) that comes to visit El Señor del Encino from Guadalajara. (My hubby remembers counting all of the buses that came to town when he was a child.)

Later in the week, Las Fiestas officially start with the Inaugural Parade.

Then of course, there is the fair! Amusement rides, games, food and liquor stands and street vendors line the streets around El Mercado. There are many cultural events held at night in El Teatro del Pueblo, such as folkloric dance groups, singers, celebrity impersonators, comedians and famous bandas. There are also bailes (dances), beauty pageants, donkey races and sporting events. (Hubby is hoping to participate in the bike race!)

The last week of September is known as Las Fiestas Patronales. Each day of the week, there is a procession around town in honor of the different Patron Saints of Yahualica.

And to end the festivities there is a bull fight at the Plaza de Toros. (I haven't attended one yet, and I don't plan on it!)

The whole town loves Las Fiestas. Yahualiscences that are now residing in the States (we call them Norteños) visit Yahualica to take part in the festivities. All of the hotels are booked almost a year in advance.

Its a fun time to be had by all! If you can't visit this year, don't worry, I will be writing and posting pics as all of the events take place.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Very fun and informative piece Leslie. Best wishes on your upcoming birthday!

  2. There is always a reason for la fiestas! I love September baby will be un ano on the 17th...and my other baby will be 10 ano's on the 29th. Well she's not a baby anymore....but she'll always be my baby!
    Aqui en Reynosa...there are little carts with Mexican flags for sale....just about everywhere you go!

  3. October was always my favorite month up north because that´s when the weather generally cooled off there in the Deep South.

    Unlike most Gringos in Mexico, fiestas do not interest me. Too many people!

    And the fiestas we have in my neighborhood here must be avoided because of the drunks who always want to be my best friend. We have a serious alcohol problem hereabouts.

  4. What an amazing time. It sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad that things are going well. Any big plans for your birthday?

  5. Sounds like September is a good month to have a birthday! You can party all month if you want to.

    Fiestas here are somewhat low key, but we do have Guaymas only 20 minutes away and they like to party. I suspect as the cruise ships become more regular (having had a setback due to the swine flu) the fiestas will become more turista-centric, but they're still worth checking out. A little celebrating goes a long way with me, but they're wonderful chances to enjoy local music, dance, special food,art and photography ...not to speak of blogging!

  6. I have always enjoyed septemeber as well. It is also my birth month. Although in Alaska, we usually got our first snow by mid month here in Arizona we look forward to cooler weather, knowing that october will be brutally hot.

  7. CANADIANGIRL: Thank you for both the compliment and birthday wishes!

    SUNSHINE: Mexico is famous for it's fiestas. The carts with the flags arrived in town today! My birthday is on the 22nd, my youngest daughter's is on the 23rd and there are tons of family birthdays in September. I hope your kids have a Happy Birthday.

    FELIPE: Alcohol plays a major part of the fiestas here. There is a "tolerancia" law during September. It's the only month people can drink in public or on the street without being fined. That encouragement and tolerance for drinking is the only downside to Las Fiestas.

    AMM: Yes, September is a wonderful time. I really missed it last time I was in the States.

    TL: I don't know what I'm going to do for my birthday. I usually spend it cooking and preparing things for Ashley's birthday which is the day after mine. But, I told Hubby that I wanted to do something special since it's my 35th. We shall see!

    1st MATE: People in Yahualica don't do low-key! But it's a lot of fun and we get to enjoy all kinds of live music, from symphonies to hard rock. And I'm looking forward to blogging about it all.

    CHRISSY: When is your birthday? And where in Arizona do you live?

  8. I LOVE all the neat things you post about here on your blog! Being new here and knowing NOTHING of traditions and holidays I'm always going around in the dark on the holidays here. My hubby might be mexican but he has no clue either :P SO ! Thank You for being so neat and posting like this, now I can teach my husband what's going on! AND be informed for when my baby is born, I want her to know everything :)

  9. Yes September-October - very fine months!

  10. Leslie,

    Happy Birthday. My baby's birthday is on the 17th.

    Oh, Mexicans and their fiestas! Living lakeside, there is always a fiesta in some village each month. I remember my first fiesta and the fireworks. I was so worried about the children running around under the exploding fireworks.