Fireworks in the Bedroom

An Example of a Spider shaped firework in JapanImage via Wikipedia
Maybe the title of this post is a little misleading, but it is the plain and simple truth.  As I write, my hubby and I are enjoying a beautiful fireworks display from the privacy of our bedroom window.  While we are warm and cozy in our pajamas, the rest of the townsfolk are dressed to the nines, enjoying the biggest party of the year. 

It is the Eve of Independence Day.  All throughout Mexico, people are gathered tonight to witness each town's re-enactment of El Grito de Independencia (Cry of Independence), first given by Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla  in 1810.

Here in Yahualica, everyone gathers in El Jardin (the townsquare), which is directly in front of La Presidencia (City Hall), to watch El Presidente Municipal (Mayor) recite El Grito.  It's a tradition rich in history and fills everyone with a sense of patriotic pride.  When the Presidente opens with "Viva los heroes de la Independencia", the townsfolk respond in a mighty roar, "VIVA!" El Presidente then recites the names of the many heroes of the Independence. Followed by the words that each Mexican holds near and dear to his heart, "VIVA MEXICO!  VIVA MEXICO!  VIVA MEXICO!"   

Then come the fireworks!  We live 2 and a half block from El Centro (downtown), which is close enough to witness the fireworks display.  Not a peso in the town's budget is spared.  The thick cloud of dust that remains, covers the entire Jardin

Once everyone has had a chance to recover from the smoke inhalation is when the real party begins.  The Jardin becomes the town's largest dance floor.  A well-known banda plays while the townspeople dance the night away into the wee hours of the morning.  There are 6 stands in El Jardin selling copious amounts of tequila to keep the locals hydrated.  If you take a walk to El Centro before 8 am, you will still see people dancing, sitting, talking and even sleeping in El Jardin

I wish you all a Happy Independence Day!  Viva Mexico!

With Love,
Leslie Limon

(P.S.)  The dancing is not the only thing that lasts all night.  We can hear gunfire all over town.  My hubby and kiddies will be checking our roof tomorrow morning for bullet shells!


  1. Wow! Sounds like fun. What is the gunfire from? I am assumin people just shooting into the air right?

  2. I wish we were there for this. But one day soon.
    It was wise of you to keep everyone indoors during the shooting. Arizona outlawed it a few years back after a young girl was killed from bullet that fell back to earth and struck her head. People dont understand how dangerous shooting into the air can be. I hope you do not find and bullets in your home.

  3. Nice post. This was my first. San Patricio breaks the party into two parts. El Grito and a beauty pageant on the first night; fireworks the next. But I am waiting for the in-town horse races in Villa Obregon today. I wish my camera was working.

  4. Beautiful post Leslie. Thanks for sharing. We too watched the fireworks from one of our bedroom windows (but we are in Playa del Carmen) - not wanting to be in the middle of it all this year. Oh, that makes me feel suddenly old! Opps!

  5. Sounds like so much fun Leslie, Im jealous! Those are the fun times I remember as a child, hanging out in the jardin with all my friends running around playing, and dancing while my parents drank and danced the night away........

  6. we tried to stay up and watch our fireworks in Alamos last night, but we fell asleep. Then at midnight, they started and Senor jumped out of bed and thought it was a gunshot. Upon coming fully awake he realized what it was, and promptly went back to sleep, while I snuck out and watched from the garden room. I could hear so many people screaming and shouting and then, the parties began!!!LL

  7. Viva Mexico Limon Family - A great post Leslie!

  8. What an advantage seeing them from your window. We did the WAY too late for the kids to be out- sleeping on the sidewalk until the fireworks started... then as the only non-Mexican citizen in my family (and just reality as the mom) I went home with the kids while hubby stayed out --again-- WAY too late. Or would that be early.

    I did not hear or see any gunfire- it might not be allowed here. :) Thank goodness.

    I will have my post for Tulum up soon.

  9. I love the way you wrote this. I wish we could figure out the festivities here. Maybe some day. lol Sounds like such a great time and how cool you could see it from your window.

  10. I really miss those parties!! Last year I was fortunate enough to be vacationing in Leon while the Grito was going on. We dressed in green, white and red and had lots of traditional dishes, and ofcourse a lot of tequila!

  11. Wow! Sounds like alot of fun, except for the shooting of bullets. Hope you don't find any on your roof.

    Irma :)

  12. Nice post Leslie and lets begin the celebration for the Bicentenario!!