Of Mice and Men (Part 1)

My house sits in front of a large, empty lot. All sorts of trees, wild bushes and weeds can be found there. Lurking amidst those tall weeds are rats and mice just waiting to enter my house!

I encountered these unwelcome house guests shortly after moving into our rental home. Every morning, when I would take the trash out to our back patio, I would be greeted by a rat or mouse that had been foraging in our garbage can. I would scream, then my hubby and suegro would come racing in to "take care" of the vermin. (My heroes!)

These chance encounters weren't reserved for the morning. In the evening, I would again, take the trash out, and sure enough, the exact same thing would happen. Even when I would go outside to hang my laundry on the clothesline, I'd see a rat or a mouse scurry across the patio. And it was never the same rodent. My hubby and father-in-law made sure of that!

I never got used to seeing those furry creatures. It got so bad, that I refused to take out the trash. My hubby would have to escort me every time I went to hang the laundry. There wasn't much we could do, because we had 3 little kids to think about. So no poison or mousetraps. We tried the "sticky" kind, but they don't work with rats. Rats are strong little furballs. Finally, we gave in to the situation and got our first cat, Tiger.

Having a cat may not be good for our asthma. But the fact that our "problem" was quickly disappearing outweighed any possible health issues. Even to this day, there has never been a rat or mouse in my back patio.

But the rodent saga doesn't end there. With the rain season, comes more rats and mice. Only this time, they're inside the house! (Coming soon to a theater near you!)

Tune in next week to see how this saga unfolds...

With Love,
Leslie Limón


  1. kinda like "Snakes on a Plane" but real. My indoor cat did little to control the shrews that I had in Alaska. Indoor mice are so sneeky and have so many hiding places. The only thing that I could do was to trap them and secure the house so that they could not gain access. That had to be a constant vigil because they would just gnaw their way back in. Their favorit hiding place was in my silverware drawer. GROSS!

  2. I bet your cat is fit from chasing all the vermin. lol
    Good luck this rainy season. Im glad we live on the 2nd floor now. Ill take stairs over mice any day. Cant wait to get to see your place some time.

  3. We also have mice problems because of the fields around our house. Right now they are trying to make a home inside our garage. I have put traps out but they somehow think its a buffet, as the cheese is gone and the trap has no mouse in sight. They must be trying out for the mouse olympics to see how quick they can get the cheese without getting caught.lol
    Hope you have a great week.


  4. Oh, if this happened to me, I'd have to move!! Good luck with the rodents. A funny story: my dad recently put out poison in his backyard, only to have the neighbor cat consume it and nearly die!

  5. Alice: That's exactly how my cat Tiger died a few months ago. He liked to roam around and ended up consuming some rat poison that one of the neighbors put out. (That neighbor also happens to be our landlady!)