The 7 Year Itch?

I'm one of those people that never forgets a date. If you tell me your birthday, I will never forget it. Ever! One date that I will always remember is July 17th. Last Thursday, July 17th, marked the 7th anniversary of my last visit to the United States. That trip turned out to be the one of the biggest learning experiences of my life.

I had very mixed feelings about that trip. A part of me was excited to be returning "home" after having lived in Mexico for 2 years. But I was also extremely scared and nervous, because I had never been separated from my hubby for more than one night. I had no idea how I was going to survive 2 or 3 months without him. Nor did I know how I was going to raise my 2 young children by myself.

But that trip was something that I had to do. You see, I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter Ashley. My hubby and I decided that it would be "easier" if she was born in the United States. Hubby would stay behind to work in his shop. I wanted to wait until late August to make the trip. After all, Ashley wasn't due to arrive until September 23rd. But we checked with my Ob/Gyn and he suggested that I make the trip no later than my 7th month. So on July 17th, 2002, the kiddies and I departed from Guadalajara.

Upon landing in Los Angeles, I was feeling pretty happy, almost giddy with excitement. I was finally "home". Hope and Nick were running around with their arms spread out, doing their best impression of an airplane. I knew we were back in the States, when it came time to load the kiddies into my brother-in-law's van. The kids didn't want anything to do with the carseats! (They were used to sitting on Mommy's lap or in the back of the truck!) Finally, the kids agreed to sit in their respective carseats and soon started pointing and screaming. "Look Mommy, tall buildings!" "Look Mommy, a firetruck!" "Look Mommy, McDonalds!" (They had only seen it in TV commercials.)

It wasn't until a couple of hours later that reality hit. The kids were playing happily with their cousins in my sister-in-law's yard. When suddenly, I noticed that Nick was sitting alone with a very sad face. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he missed his Daddy and that he wanted us to go back to 'Lica, immediately! Ouch!!! The sadness in my little boy's eyes was almost too much to bear. But I remained strong. (Atleast on the outside!)

I spent the time prior to Ashley's birth, living in a trailer with my Grandparents. That time spent with them is something that I will always cherish. My compadre David, was very kind to lend me one of his cars (a Mercedes!) for the time that I was there. We are forever thankful to him. My hubby and I spoke on the phone almost every night. I missed him so much that it literally hurt. I would sit out on my grandparent's patio at night after the kids were asleep, just staring at the dark sky, talking to God and crying over how much I missed my hubby and the life that we had.

After Ashley was born, the 4 of us returned to my sister-in-law's house and we stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only 3 and a half weeks. I love my sister-in-law and her family dearly and I'm so thankful for their kindness and patience. But at that point, I was desperate to return to Yahualica and to see my hubby. I really wanted my Mexican life back! All that was stopping me was the U.S. Postal Service. I was waiting for Ashley's birth certificate and Social Security card to arrive.

We finally returned to Mexico exactly 3 months later, on October 17th! I was finally back home. Yes, home! I realized then and there, that Yahualica was my home. I can't explain it, but it's something I felt in my heart and I know it to be true!

So, after 7 years, am I itching to return to the States? Not at all!!!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Wow, what a great perspective. I know how hard it is to watch your child miss their father and not be able to do anything. It is refreshing to see how settled you are in Mexico and that you don't just spend your time wishing you were here in the US. It reminds me that there is life outside of this country and it is not an unhappy one.

  2. Leslie,
    I have similar feelings. The last time that I went back to Chicago was three years ago to see my Mother before she died. I felt like I was in a strange land. I have no desire to go back again. Mexico is "home" for me.

  3. I totally understand this post. Both with the kids missing their daddy. When we were packing up everything to come to Mexico- Ruben was already here. He left for work one morning and then a few months later they finally got to see them again. It was hard to keep trying to explain to them what was going on.

    On each of my trips to the USA I have had the same excited feeling when landing in Cancun... I am home. It is the first time in my life where I really felt that way and it is a really nice feeling. I am glad that you have that same feeling about Mexico. I bet the hubby was thrilled when you got home too.

  4. Leslie I love this post. It really cements the fact that no matter where you're born, home is really where the ones you love are. Love can take us crazy places that turn into home. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. That was a great post. I hope my heart falls in love with Mexico too!

  6. Thank you for this post Leslie, although I knew the story I loved reading it. As some of the others said its so true that home is where those you love are. Joslin is deff being raised under different standards than Alana but she gets to have her papi everynight. When we are all together as a family its all the reassurance that I need to know we made the right move.

  7. Hi Leslie,
    i so miss "living" in mexico. have gone back for short vacations every year since i was born and one time stayed for a whole summer in our house in Ojuelos, Jalisco. Mom sold the house a couple of years ago. We miss it.
    Thanks for stopping by and following!

  8. Lilia EvangelistaJune 7, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    Me hizo llorar este blog of yours... You are so right home is where your heart is... I admire you so much.... You are one of kind human being.