Group Wedding

While attending a christening last Saturday in Cañadas de Obregon, I was able to witness something new. When we were exiting the church. I saw a bride and groom waiting to enter the church. (I love weddings and couldn't help remembering my own small wedding.) The soon-to-be married couple was accompanied by their padrinos (best man and maid of honor). Then I noticed that behind them, was another bride and groom with their padrinos. I counted 20 couples. As if she had read my mind, my suegra explained that this was called Matrimonios Comunitarios. I had heard of this type of group wedding before, but being that I don't attend Mass on a regular basis, I had never witnessed it.

The couples waiting outside the church varied in ages. A couple were in their late teens, many were in their mid-20's to mid-30's and one couple was in their late-60's or early 70's. My mother-in-law and I thought that maybe the elderly couple was celebrating their Golden Anniversary. But a few locals who had overheard our conversation, explained that this ceremony was only for those couples who were "living in sin". (Their words, not mine!) These couples were living together as man and wife, but without the blessing of the Catholic church.
I'm just happy that even after nearly 9 years of living in Mexico, there is still something new to be learned!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Husband and I are only married by the civil, not the church, if my suegra knew the date/time of these events, we'd be in line too!!

  2. I had heard about this custom, how very special that you got to witness it.

  3. I think it is great that people have the opportunity to make right with their church without going through all the hoops that are required for "new marriages". I got married through the church in 2007 but they didn't offer group marriages at our parish so we had to go to the pre-marital classes for 8 months even though we had been living together for 10 years already!

  4. I have heard about these group weddings but have never seen them. My DH and I are only married by the civil maybe one day we will do the church.

    Hugs :)


  5. Our church (which is not catholic) has group weddings also. A few months ago they had one for six couples. My husband and I wondered if this was just what people in our church did due to lack of funds for there own big individual weddings. But now I suppose its just a normal way to marry here. And I'm sure it helps that everyones funds are added together for it. Something else we noticed is that anyone is invited. They have had group weddings a few times since Iv been here (usually 2 or 3 couples) But the whole church is invited. We never went because we assumed it was just an invite out of necessity but we are finding that they actually want everyone to come. And Leslie IM like you I love to go to weddings and remember my own, I cry almost every time. lol