Graduation Mass

The day that I have been waiting for with mixed emotions finally arrived. Last month I wrote a blog about my concerns about participating in the traditional Graduation Mass of thanksgiving. (Click here to read it.) I took all of the advice into consideration and decided that the best thing would be for Hope to participate. (Thank you to those who took the time to offer a few words of wisdom!)

I explained to Hope that she could and should participate with her classmates in the Mass, but that she should refrain from partaking in Communion. (Communion in the Catholic church is reserved for those who have had their First Communion ceremony.) We were even more relieved when the school principal suggested that all students should participate in the Mass, regardless of religious beliefs.

Now all that was left to do was to choose the padrino (godfather). This was easy. Hope had always planned on asking my hubby's oldest brother. My brother-in-law, being the generous individual that he is, gladly accepted.

The hardest part was getting the mom's to agree on when to have the Mass. Some wanted it to be held on July 4th. This made no sense to most of us, since the kids would still have to attend school for another week. Thankfully, the president of the parent association decided to go to the church and see what dates were available. (Makes more sense, don't you think?) Finally, the date was set for July 15th at noon.

Mass is probably the only thing in Mexico that starts on time. All the graduates lined up outside the church with their padrino or madrina (godmother). Shortly before entering, all of the participants were sprinkled with Holy Water by the Priest.

I found the Mass to be highly enjoyable. The sermon was about Jesus' healing of the lepers and their thankfulness. During the entire Mass, the Priest joked with the congregation and the participants. When it came time for Communion, no one seemed to notice that Hope and her padrino did not participate. (I had envisioned a roomful of gasps of disbelief!) And best of all, my other children didn't complain about wanting to go home!

We're even thinking of attending Mass more than once or twice a year! Although I'm not even close to being convinced of converting, it would be nice for my children to learn more about God.
Congratulations to my daughter Hope! I'm so very proud of her!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Leslie,
    I am so happy for you that everything turned out well. I was sure that it would. Regading the mass...don't worry about converting, just enjoy the spirit of belonging to the Mystical Body of Christ with your friends and neigbors. To participate in the Catholic rituals in Mexico is like putting on an old sweater. It is very comfortable. It will also bring you closer to the people in the community in which you live. Disfruta la viada :)

  2. Oh good, I am glad that Hope is now able to file this away in her memory bank and I agree with Bob, being involved with te Catholic Church is very rewarding even if you are not Catholic.

  3. It sounds like a very, very special family memory. You did a great job considering the options and choosing a path that was just right. It is a bonus that this event may also impact your future actions.

  4. CONGRATS HOPE, sounds like it was a great day.

  5. Glad to hear everyone had a great time and what special memories she will have.

    Hugs :)


  6. Congratulations to Hope and Im glad you ended up having a good time at mass with your family.